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Sometimes we hear from Bitsters that they’ve made it into their local newspaper or even on TV! Whether it’s your invention, makerspace or a littleBits event that’s being featured in the News, post about it here!

@nickweinberg and I are going to kick it off with recent news stories from chapter leaders. :smile:

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Voici les Lego de la génération iPad

Sophie Devillers Publié le vendredi 16 octobre 2015 à 10h53

This one comes from our Brussels Chapter Leader, @girleek.

GOOGLE Translator to English:
Sciences - Health

No French lessons today. Caroline, professor at the Robert Catteau Atheneum of Brussels, has given her students to Harold Grondel, Pauline Vasse and Julie Foulon, three young Brussels “technology enthusiasts” and also assets in companies from the new technologies. On Tuesday morning, the third Latin-Greek high school students are responsible for learning how to run a spider alone or buzzer to make a pumpkin. The teachers for a day, they have taken what looks like large game boxes. Inside, the “littleBits”, nicknamed “the Legos generation iPad”.

Color code

On the tables, next to the witch’s hat or false spider XXL size, these little colored pieces of plastic are already distributed. "These are electronic components, launches Harold Grondel the class can attach them as Legos, except it’s loving You can not go wrong because there is a color code on each component… Blue, c ’ is the energy source, pink, this is the input. This input can be a button, a sound sensor, a light sensor … The orange is to extend the circuit, that is, say the cables. And the green is for output, such as a motor or a buzzer. " “And I, says Julie, I want to see your spiders move, blink your hats and pumpkins make noise! ​​Go!”

Great story from @TechScience (Sydney Chapter) BitWars:

^ check that video!

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Not a chapter, but wanted to share this segment from CNET Espanol for all of our Spanish-speaking friends! @nickweinberg


^^ @Abraxas, @leo, @maria_renard, @cosoriou, @valelrt, @mariaSolsticio, @Maven, @mercadoalex, @Iva, @Tekislab

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WAY TO GO @jordi_littleBits !!!
Español rules (it’s the new black :slight_smile: )


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@tobiaslarsson’s Bit Wars event in Karlskrona, Sweden was in the news:!

^^ I see a young Luke Skywalker here!

Yep, we had a great day!

A Novel Way to Teach Kids About Engineering:

This project uses plots from books by Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, and others to teach STEM concepts.

“The big thing in our professional development is to make sure teachers
understand the engineering process, and how to help students scope
problems and critique each other’s ideas,” Portsmore said. “They can
scale that process in different ways, depending on what resources they
have. It can be cardboard, recyclables, and duct tape, or these new
technologies.” Read the full Slate article. :link:

Challenging Students to Change the World Using Electronic Building Blocks

Marymount School of New York and littleBits look to prepare students with the skills needed to design and create inventions that will make a difference in the world.

A student at Marymount uses LittleBits to create a scratching tool that relieves the itch and discomfort created by casts.

“We reached out to Marymount to collect some user feedback and we were intrigued as to how the students and faculty were using Bits in the Makers Program. We then began a conversation about how littleBits could be used for an individualized student experience, beyond the makerspace,” says Erin Mulcahy, strategic initiatives, littleBits Education.
Read the full K-12 Tech Decisions Article.

Thanks for sharing, @erin_littleBits & @kay

Students at the Marymount School in New York proudly displayed their littleBits inventions for the television show It Ain’t Rocket Science, part of the Connect a Million Minds initiative from Time Warner.

#Cool at School: Girls at Park Crest Middle School in Pflugerville learn about engineering
An adorable video of girls in Texas using littleBits to be “cool in school" - Thanks for sharing, @Casey_littleBits!
Click here to watch the VIDEO! :link:

AUSTIN, Texas — Girls at Park Crest Middle School in Plfugerville are learning about engineering through a special club they are a part of. It’s called Girls in Engineering(GIE). The inventions they are creating with the littleBits Kits is teaching them plenty.

June Wallace is in sixth grade, and explains why she likes this club, “Girls in engineering is suppose to boost confidence in girls and get them into engineering.” Trinity Boudreaus is a part of June’s team. They built a car, that’s operated through an iPad, “We just keep using our imagination. It’s always fun to use our imagination.”

Sydney Kaiser joined GIE to try something new, “I think girls can do anything this program helps us realize that more and gives us a chance to boost our confidence.” Confidence, connecting bright girls working together like Kandice Ezeji, “It’s really cool. Especially when I work with boys in a group they don’t really let me do anything but since we are all girls, we get to put in our ideas into the inventions.”

The kits bought through a grant from our Pflugerville Education Foundation.

Our Dallas, TX Chapter is featured on TechBubble Info! ​Pictured below, Ron Dagdag and Adam Mosely. @rlyle78 @netadpt

“The goal of AmRobotics is the free share of information. AmRobotics works closely with LittleBits Electronics Inc, and is heavily involved in helping educate the community…AmRobotics caters to children ages 8+. The team are overjoyed to have the opportunity to prepare the local youth for future technologies by guiding and helping them develop a computational thinking process when approaching tasks and solving problems.” Read the Full Article by Adam Milton Barker.


Thanks all, we really appreciate the kind words and recognition. We are a fairly new chapter so we have much work to do. With 2016 here, we plan to host mini maker faires and hackathons at our local STEM school facilities (Zaniac Southlake), and another fantastic win for the group, I was able to pick up a new Pro Library Kit. I hope to attract more young makers so we are able to help them learn and make their robotics dreams come true!

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#Kids ‘Invent For Good’ at Flint Public Library
By Miranda Parnell
Saturday, April 2nd 2016

^ Photo courtesy of Suzanne Daniels
FLINT, Mich. — Kids piled into the Flint Public Library today to put their inventing skills to the test.“I have this prototype alarm where it’s pressure censored and it makes this noise box go off,” said Brice Hamilton.
Working with electronic building blocks called Little Bits, they were challenged to “Invent for Good” and create something that would make someone’s life better.“You know how people break into houses more frequently in Flint than most places,” Brice questioned. "I want to invent something like this later, so it can help with break-ins."It was a chance to get young engineers involved with hands on activities.“What I was making was to help people with their medicine,” said Jasmine Smith. “It would have a timer that you could set it on, and whatever time you set it to, it would roll to where you are.”

Organizers say fun learning is one of the best ways to get kids motivated.“It’s becoming more and more important that our kids learn technology at an earlier and earlier age,” said Suzanne Daniels from littleBits.

Last weekend we celebrated INVAP 40th birthday :cake: :balloon:

by setting up a makerspace corner together with Fundación INVAP

and we were featured in the News :newspaper:

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#Ballet Des Moines artist-in-residence making art with a robot

Hey all!
I just wanted to make sure you saw this article about Amenda Tate Corso’s awesome artwork. Check out how she uses a bitBot controlled by Bluetooth Low Energy Bits to create art. The cellphone is attached to a ballet dancer’s wrist.

How cool is that? :smile:


Hey, today I’m in the News :newspaper:

And although they didn’t mention him, Kunta was there with me :slight_smile:

:newspaper: The art of connecting emotions and circuits [ES]

Accesible. Leo no concibe la tecnología sin la posibilidad de que sea utilizable para cualquiera. (Fotos: marcelo martínez)

Los circuitos electrónicos se combinan con el entorno para crear un objeto nuevo.

Kunta es un simio que rastrea la palabra “coworking” en la web.