Writing a subscriber app for cloudbit

Hi all,

I am not sure how I can write a subscriber application to subscribe for changes in the cloudbit. I understand how to publish but I don’t know what I can fill in for the subscriber id. May I know where I can refer to for help?

Thank you.


Same here, I got to the point where I can stream sensor values in my terminal but that’s it. I’m looking for some way to have some app check the sensor values connected to the cloudbit every minute and write it to a spreadsheet. Yet, I have no idea what programming language to dive into and start learning…

Like mentioned earlier by @Jonathan, it would be great if there would be a more gradual increase of complexity in the documentation of the cloudbit or suggestions for languages to learn before attempting to understand the more advanced possibilities of the cloudbit.


Here’s a 20 minute demo video of my server product that lets you do this using nothing but a browser. My goal is to make it possible to connect the Cloudbit to the web without requiring web-programming knowledge. Boomtree uses the same language to build both the client and server; the demo video shows a Cloudbit used for both sending and receiving with less than 30 lines of code.

We’re listening and we’re preparing new documentation, SDK libraries and examples for you guys to have more fun with your cloudBit.