Worlds first performance of music on a computer - demo this Saturday using Littlebits

This coming Saturday (11th Feb 2017 at 1pm) in Sydney, Australia at ozberry I will demo a reconstruction of the world’s first performance of music on a computer. I will use an Littlebits Arduino computer using Littlebits electronic modules and software similar to the original version. The original performance occurred in Sydney University just 200 metres from where ozBerry meets and occurred in 1951.
I will also demo a robot, MusicBot playing the xylophone at ozBerry later that day.

The location is ThinkSpace at Sydney University, City Road.
ozBerry is Australia’s largest makerspace group with over 1700 members and meets every month at Sydney University. Come along and see Littlebits in action.


Thanks for keeping us in the loop @dsr12 :slight_smile: Feel free to share pics / video and any info you can about how you are using littleBits in the performance.