Wireless Module!


I am trying to find wireless module which can be connected from 5 volts DC power source to another dc application within range of 1-2 feet. I need wire free solution.

Can anyone please suggest…


Hi, @richi! What do you think about the wireless modules? They come individually or in a bundle.

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Hi @Richi,

As @JackANDJude noted, the wireless module works great. I have a set, and often use it for short distances to alleviate current drain when I use a servo motor. From room to room it can monitor a circuit - I send the output from my Time of Day bit to the livingroom. But note, the receiver needs to have it’s own power source (and it can be a battery.)

If you are thinking about broadcasting power, I don’t think they have that technology yet, except in very limited circumstances, like charging toothbrushes, Apple Watches, etc. In those cases the receiver needs to be in very close proximity to the transmitter (like millimeters away.) It’s more like two halves of a transformer, than a broadcast. The coil that’s getting the voltage must intersect with the magnetic field emanating from the sending coil.

@chris101 - thanks, but sorry little bit confused …
@JackANDJude ---- i try to put in other way…`5V…power adapter is connected to IR transmitter and dc motor is connected to IR sensor (with battery if needed ) …
can the motor work from 5v power adapter after pairing via IR module ?

Please suggest…

Hi @Richi,
Do I understand you correctly: you want to activate a 5V motor via an IR signal?
You can connect a battery (or power adapter) to a remote trigger (bit i7) and connect the 5V DC Littlebits motor (bit o5) to this IR trigger.
Battery-power-IR trigger-motor)
The motor will start rotating when you use any available TV remote and aim it at the remote trigger bit.
You could also use the IR LED (bit o7), connected to another power bit and a pushbutton (bit i3), but in this situation the motor will only be activated a very short time when you press the button.
Is this what you are aiming at, please let me know, else we could think of other solutions. :grinning:

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@alexpikkert thanks :for the tips…Is there anyways the power source also from the battery to the motor can be connected wireless ?

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Hi @Richi,
If you are sending a signal via a wireless system, which could be an infrared system or the wireless modules as @chris101 suggested, or the wifi connection via the cloudbit, you will always need a source of power on both sides, the sending and receiving side…
It is not possible to transmit power through a wireless system…
I also wish it was possible too… :heart_eyes_cat:

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@alexpikkert @chris101 : got it ! thanks… nowdays you get phone wireless chargers but they can be operated within few MM…


Yes @Richi,
These phone wireless chargers are more or less the same as an oldfashioned transformer with a metal core where an alternating magnetic field is present, they use this alternating magnetic field to transfer the power from the sending part (a coil hidden in a flat surface) to the receiving part (another coil hidden inside the smartphone)… When both coils are very near each other the power is transferred, but making the distance longer (already a few cm) it is full stop. No transfer anymore…
Indeed as @chris101 stated, your wireless charger from your toothbrush is a good example of this principle.

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