Wire module

How long is the wire of the wire module?
To cross a greater distance, can you put a few wire modules after each other?

Hi @depauw,

Great question! The wire module is 9 1/4 inches from bitSnap to bitSnap and they can definitely be connected in a chain to add some length to your creations.

If i wanted to build an alarm system in the house could i cut the wire module and use normal electrical wire to extend the length of the module by lets say 20m?

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It depends on the AWG, current load, and the conditions of the environment. Depending on the circuit load, this should be possible. I would also recommend the Wireless Modules: http://littlebits.cc/boost-its/wireless It covers a range of 100 feet

I have a wire bit but one of the wires came out. Is it possible to re-solder it back in or can I get a replacement? Thanks.

Did the JST connector become unplugged or is one of the 3 wires flapping in the breeze all by itself?

One on the wires went bye-bye from the bitSnap. It is still connected to one side and glued to the other wires. My Grandpa is an Electrician so if possible, he could re-solder it.

You have 3 options:

  1. Check out this discussion, which includes links to the JST connection if you want to fix it yourself with a new JST connector.
  2. I have the same problem right now with one of my wires, and I will probably solder it to one of the solder points on the wire module AND secure the solder point with hot glue. In the case of this type of repair/modification, a module can no longer be returned if damaged.
  3. Here is littleBits FAQ answer for if you are having trouble with a module and their email: support@littlebits.cc

@ClanScorpia I’ve uploaded a helpfile video for people, like you and me, who are interested in repairing their own wire modules. Jack and I are having a crafty week with paint and plaster, so please excuse my messy hands. :blush:

Copied from YouTube comment:

Hello! It’s ClanScorpia from littleBits! Thank you so much for making this video! It’s very helpful for the people who really need it :). I was wondering if I had to cut to wires in the middle or if I could cut them closer to the bitSnap to make it shorter?

@ClanScorpia, your YouTube settings prevent me from replying to your comment on YouTube, so I brought our conversation back here.

You’re very welcome!

I cut my wire closer to the bitsnap to make it longer. I imagine you would like to follow these steps:
1)cut the wire close to the frayed end
2) remove the old jst connector to prevent crossing wires
3) strip your littleBits wires
4) tin the wires
5) solder them to the solder pads, while keeping position of the 3 colored wires in mind
6) test if it works
7) hot glue solder points and the point where wires join the other jst connector, without inadvertently hot gluing the jst into its socket.

It’s actually a fun fix, and I also took the time to hot glue my servo wire where it comes out of the black box. That had frayed also, so I recommend doing that as a preventative measure.

Please post a pic of your fix so I can give <3 …

Would it also be possible to solder the frayed wire to the jst connector or cut all the wires about 1 mm (or 0.0393701 of an inch) and solder them to a new jst connector? Or would that damage the jst connector to much? It would just be easier for me.

If you purchase a new jst connector with 3 wires already attached, then you can solder your old wires to the new wires. Size is important, so follow that link provided by littleBits in that discussion I linked above.