Wire Bit Connector

Does anyone know the type/model of connector used for the Wire bit? I’m thinking of making some longer wires instead of just chaining wire bits. Could also be another way of integrating custom electronics with Littlebits. Thanks!

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The connectors on the Wire bit are made by a company called JST and are commonly referred to as JST connectors. The ones we use have three contacts and 1mm pin spacing/pitch.

I think this wire from Sparkfun would likely work.

You will either need to crimp another male connector on the other end, or buy two of these wires and solder them together!


Perfect, thank you!

I’ve been using solid core 24 gauge wire (ie breadboard, telephone wire) to extend my wire bits, but it’s inflexible and it not designed to be wound/unwound tightly. I’d like to use the same gauge wire as LB and hopefully reduce the resistance and current/signal loss.

What is the gauge and type of wire used for the wire bit/split bit etc.?
Just need the specs (gauge # and what’s it called, not braided, not solid core but??) and I can google. Thanks!

The wire modules use 30 AWG stranded wire. If you’re soldering your own wire between the two wire module components then any reasonable gauge should be fine and stranded wire is your best bet. Solid core has a lower resistance but is not as flexible and can break with enough bends.

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What do you guys think of this connector on ebay. looks like it could work