Where is I2C Clock (Analog 5)

I am interested in the connectors you placed on the pinholes (d10, d11, d13 and the GND and VCC etc.) Is there a part number or description of these connectors? I can get parts from Jameco. Thanks for any help!

the side pins (d10 etc) are female headers, see
For the ICSP (SPI) pins I used male headers (because there are 6-pin connectors for various ICSP programmer devices), see

the right-angle headers that toddkurtz used for the I2C pins are

other vendors sell these as well

Thanks for the links,these are just what I need!

Hi Manitou/all. Can you elaborate on what temperature you set your iron to? I think I came in too hot on the first job and wound pulling up the 12c pads (a bummer, but the rest of the board works). Take-two worked better but I just turned the temp down just a littleBit :laughing: (oh yeah, watch out not to burn the snap connectors). FWIW, an 9 year old did the work - not bad, huh? Thanks in advance for the advice.

Here’s our result:

Sorry, no temperature control on my simple pencil-style soldering iron. :grinning: