What happened to LittleBits?

Hi all,
After some years of absence in posting, I have been following the direction of LittleBits.
I noticed that since the take-over by Sphero, all went to classroom activities.
It seems that LittleBits activities aimed to a very young group of inventors.
Now that may seem correct, I feel an urge to speak up.
Where is the support for the arduino coding kit ?
This Leonardo module has much more under his hood than presumed.
The new code kit with its nice coloured led array block may seem nice, I think an oled display module for the Leonardo would have been a better choice.
Also coding seem to have moved to a much simpler and restricted mode.
This has certainly made adults move away from LittleBits.
In the last few years, I’ve already buildup quite a library of the LittleBits modules and I’ve stayed away from the Droid, Avengers, rover kits as these don’t seem to appeal to me.
Maybe it’s time to get the adults back to inventions when there would be a space on Sphero-LittleBits.
The potential of the original pre-Sphero age modules is bigger than can be imagined.
So parents, adult inventors and creators, let’s inspire each other once again with great projects !

Please comment your thoughts here !

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