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This is a space for Parents & Kids to invent together! Share your ideas about activities to do with your kids, ask questions, and find out how bits work! Say hello here :smile:
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To get the ball rolling, I’ve created new topics under this category.

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Have a look around the Parents & Kids category, and share your thoughts and ideas,
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Ok, so why am I in there?

Hiya, @choochooboy100! I invited you, because I thought maybe you’d like to meet other kids who use littleBits, too! :smile: BTW, what’s your favorite DreamBit?

Mine would be the GPS bit

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Cool! What project would you make with a GPS bit, @choochooboy100? We’d love to see a drawing or a labeled diagram of your idea! :smile:

Thanks for the invite. My daughter and I had downtime today and we talked about the circuit debug project and pulled the base kit and our parts box down.

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this is not my dreamBit, it was by someone else

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That’s great @Tom! Please share any of your daughter’s invention ideas with us, including drawings & diagrams! :slight_smile: We’d love to see them! :eyes: