Welcome to The Music Track

Hello there! Welcome to “The Music” track of our “Learn How To #InventAnything” Course. We are so glad you are here!

This track is where we turn the dial up to 11. Learn how to make sophisticated sounds and invent your very own instruments.

This course opens officially on February 23rd. In the meantime learn more about what to expect from the course , feel free to poke around and read our orientation notes below, so you are all set when we get started.

If you are you are looking to stock on bits before getting started, we recommend the Synth kit as well as the Arduino Kit if you are looking to create more advanced builds.

Get Started with Music

1.1 Make: Your Own Instrument
1.2 Discuss: How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain
1.3 Team Up: Join the Community Call


Here are some things to help you navigate the course:

  1. Peer-based learning We believe that people learn best when making things together. That is why a big part of the course will involve you working with other bits’ters and it will happen here on our online forum and during our Weekly Community Call. If you haven’t used a forum before do not fret, we will guide you through every step of it.

  2. Self-guided Curriculum Each week we will be asking you to Make something, Discuss an idea and Team up with others to work on something together. If you cannot wait to get started feel free to take a peak at our beta over here and help us improve it, by sharing suggestions in the comments.

  3. Explore The Tracks The course is designed around different areas of interest like Art + Design, Music and Internet of Things. We call those “tracks” and recommend you click on the “Categories” menu up top to explore them. You can follow one or take them all.

  4. Share what you know. Everyone is a teacher and a learner here, and the more we share the more everyone learns. Contribute by commenting on posts and by creating topics which can be single prompts, ideas, questions or resources, by clicking the “New Topic” button.

  5. Mentions. You can call someone’s attention to the conversation by mentioning them–type the @ symbol and their username. Your hostesses for this course will be Vanessa @vanessa and Chloe @chloeatplay. We recommend you mention folks by their username, it’s friendlier.

  6. Give <3’s freely. We encourage you to drop “lovebombs” in our community by “heart-ing” someone’s post.

  7. A Primer on Our Forums. Here’s a quick overview of how to use these here forums.

That’s it for now, we hope you are as excited as we are to #InventAnything with you!

A warm littleBits welcome,

Chloe & Vanessa

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