Welcome to the Minecraft Forum! Introduce yourself 👾

Hi all!

I thought I’d kick off the discussion by introducing myself:

My name’s Stan, I work at littleBits, and I worked on a lot of the mod you’re going to try out. I can’t tell you all how excited I am to be hacking Minecraft with littleBits! I’ve been playing for ages, since the pre-alpha days. I play lots of modded Minecraft (like technic pack and feed the beast packs), and I’ve always wanted to work on a mod of my own. Since I’ve been working at littleBits, the cloudBit seemed like the perfect bit to hack into Minecraft. I can’t wait to see what you all think, and the kinds of projects you come up with.

Looking forward to meeting you all, please use this thread to introduce yourself!

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Hello Stan, and all.
I really discovered littleBits 2 years ago, when we began using them in workshops with 4-H youth. During that initial experience I also began to wonder about using littleBits to model redstone circuits created in Minecraft - the rest, as they say, is history.

But in all seriousness, I think both Minecraft and littleBits are powerful hooks to introduce a full range of concepts and processes to kids (adults, too if they are willing to ‘play’). The merging of the two only deepens the potential. Using them together really does bridge the virtual/actual chasm and I look forward to how people explore the new space created by that.

Really glad to be here and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.



Paul, that’s really cool! I’ve seen the project you’ve posted on our website, and I’m really excited about it. Really excited to have you with us.

Stan, will you be coming to the meetup on Saturday at the littleBits store? Really looking forward to meeting folks there.

I will! In fact, I think I’ll be showing a brief demo of the minecraft mod there. I’m looking forward to it too, looks like there will be some great talks, and it’ll be great to meet all the folks who are around for maker faire. Looking forward to seeing you there!

If anyone else is in the area and planning on going to maker faire or our store meetup, stop by and say hi. I’ll be at both.

Hey everyone!

I’m Liza and I’ll be your resident wrangler and community beta testing lead - and I’m pretty excited about it :laughing: I’m a lover of Minecraft and littleBits. I’ve collaborated with teachers to design for and implement both in their classrooms for the last couple years and I’m always blown away to see what kids of all ages come up with. Can’t wait to see what emerges here :boom: :facepunch:

Stay tuned for more info on our first feedback call!

Hello everyone
My name is Bum Soo and I’m a freshman college student aiming to major in computer science. My brother, Monty, who works at littleBits is how I discovered littleBits as well as how I got here as a Bitster.
I’m excited to use littleBits with Minecraft and I can’t wait to see what kind of things we all come up with.



im an arduino, hackerspace, and interactive tech enthusiast from the west coast. i run, CrafterNoons, our hackerspace’s crafting with electronics series, and i’ve taught all manner of workshops for all ages. meanwhile, im learning more about game design a unity…

Hello fellow bitsters!

My name is Mitchell and I am the Director of Technology at Dailey Advertising. My daughters and I love playing with littleBits and this whole Minecraft thing blew their minds when I showed them. Sufficed to say we are planning some fun stuff to do.

Welcome @mpinner! Thrilled to have you in the group :grinning:

Hey there @mmalpartida! Soooo glad you are involving your girls in this testing - can’t wait to hear all of yalls’ thoughts :raised_hands:

Welcome @mpinner! We’re super excited to have you join us, can;t wait to hear what you think!

Welcome @mmalpartida! It’s awesome to hear your daughters were so blown away, I’m really excited to hear about what you all come up with!

just loader up the mod via technicLauncher… a bit of a process but smooth enough with the aid of the doc:
littleBits Minecraft Mod | Install Mac

the java update on mac is a little easier than described if you goto system prefs and click java, you can auto update from there.

the doc needs a final step about then relaunching everything and opening up the single player world

i don’t yet have my littlebit-duino in hand, bu tas soon as i saw the in game button to tricker my LB recvr, i got chills of excitement

Hi! My name is Mary and I’m the director of the Middletown Free Library in Media, PA. I run the makerspace programs that are part of our project called CreateSpace@MFL. The most popular program I run is a Minecraft in Real Life Club.

I saw the demo at Maker Faire and was really excited about it for our program. I’ve been thinking about ways to tie-in hands-on activities with doing things in the game so this seems like a great fit for us.

I’m looking forward to learning more!

My name is Nandu, and I am co-owner and co-manager of Creation Station a Makerspace in Westford, MA. I am excited for Minecraft and littlebits and how this can be integrated in our space.

Ahh, that’s awesome to know, thanks! Hopefully we’ll be able to stream-line the process in the future, it’s definitely clunky right now. I’ll update the docs on the java install as soon as I get a chance. Glad to have you, and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

@creationStation this has been my laptop. is the sticker from you?

@mpinner no, that is not our logo…here is ours

Hello all,
Where can I find the Minecraft Cloudbit Mod?