Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Hi Im M.J. a low level tinkerer. Mostly just interested in learning to interact with the arduino more now as I have been tinkering with electronics a while, which is how I realized how much more accessible littlebits makes electronics. They quickly became my fav “toy”

hi everyone, me Hardy Dav work for NAATI translator service provider agency

Hi Hardy (or is it haddy as per your username?)

What is NAATI?

Hi, littlebits community.

My name is Vitaliano and I’m a sofware developer with a foot on hardware.
I’m gad to be a new member of this awesome community.


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I’m a dad and two boys who are experimenting with littlebits. Most of the time we can get them to do what we want, but sometimes they misbehave. So we want to be able to ask questions here and get answers.

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Its indoor season in Florida (scorching sun and torrential rain) so I’m learning Arduino-with your help :bitstar:
@vanessa @chloeatplay

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Hi @yogasnaredrummer,

My daughter likes (or rather liked, she’s a bit older now - 16 - and has ‘different’ interests) littleBits, especially the Synth kit. The thing with that kit, is there is really no wrong way to connect it! The worst it ever does, is stay quiet. So that meant she took a long time to make her projects.

It’s true that sometimes the bits ‘misbehave’, but it usually turns out, that I am just not working on their level. Let your sons experiment, and even fail. But yes - this is the place to ask for specific answers.


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Hiya Linda, @flourish44,

Arduino is a great intro to technology, and middle school students are perfect for beginning that exploration. The littleBits Arduino module is a good start, as the input/output ports are limited in such a way as to direct the students in a productive direction. The DFRobot Beetle is a similar product, which trades it’s lower price for littleBits ease of building a useful circuit. So I would suggest going with the Beetle if you incorporate soldering, or Adafruit’s Trinket/Trinket Pro, or Arduino’s Micro if you use traditional breadboards, but littleBits Arduino is ready to go with any other bits you want to use. Look into the Proto bit, as it let’s you add anything you want to the circuit (except a banana - for that you need a Makey-Makey bit!)

Use this forum’s search field to find all the Arduino threads. I’d also suggest searching for threads by @alexpikkert and @JackANDJude for ideas. Those two members seem to have this hardware down!

Anyway, have fun with your class!

… ps, check out forum.arduino.cc if you want to visit a site that provides a richer, yet more rough-and-tumple forum that goes both broader and deeper into the Arduino world.


Hey Vitaliano! (@vitalianoneto)

Software PLUS hardware is the material the future is made from! What a cool time to be a part of it all, eh? littleBits is a good a place to start as any. I’d suggest getting a Synth kit, as well as the Arduino kit and some extra bits like the pulse, logic and wire bits, and you can put together such a great sound machine!!

Please continue to post here so we can keep up with what you are doing. Even if it doesn’t seem too active, there are plenty of us who regularly visit these forums for ideas in both software AND hardware, but more often, in the place where thevtwo coincide!

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My name is thierry 32 years old computer engineer, I just discovered your forum and find it very interesting. I am webmaster at Feetunique. In my spare time I make posters for people.
So I am here to share my experience and read the experiences of other people who are in my field!
You should quickly find me in the various sections of this Forum

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Hello, my name is Stefano. I am a computer scientist professor at University of California, Riverside. I am interested in codebit to introduce programming to non-CS majors.



Hello, world. I am a 41 year old Norwegian just started with littleBits.

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Hi I’m a Lebanese student with an interest in robotics, programming, and technology. I worked with LittleBits and Arduino last summer and this summer I want to continue both. Glad to be a part of this community.

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Hi people, i just started ehre too, how u all doing?! Hope will enjoy my stay here!!

hello everyone
Since i’m a new member here i’ll begin by introducing myself.
My name is Jim i’m a 30 years old website developper and i’m working now as a webmaster on feetunique
i like computers and sports especially swimming :lol: .
Many thanks

Hello! I’m Karen M., a school librarian in Texas. I use LittleBits as a station in the Makerspace I run in the mornings before school starts.

My name is Paul. I am new to littleBits and am excited to start my new after school program. I think the kids will love using littleBits.


Hi! I am Nina Hubbard

Hi, I am Mary from Kansas. I just bought a Code Kit and Droid Inventor Kit to use in my classroom. I have never coded before, so I am learning along with the kids. If anyone has any great beginner lessons or tips to share that would be awesome.

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Hello, I am trying to discover if the Droid inventor kit part “control hub” and the app will work on a Chromebook (R11 touchscreen) with Bluetooth.
I see that Littlebits Code Kit which has the part “codebit” works with Chromebooks, but the droid inventor kit information does not cover use with Chromebooks. The device does have the playstore and is running Android 7.1.1.
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.