Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Welcome, Laurie @LALawrence :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing pictures from your classroms and inventions from your students.
Perhaps you’d be interested in our School Chapters program. Find out more here: http://littlebits.cc/how-to-start-littlebits-school-chapter

Hello friends,

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I am looking for tools (and partnerships) to apply in the development of prototypes during my “Design Thinking + Innovation Doing” workshops, applying “Project-Based Learning” approaches.

I wish you a nice and creative 2017.

PS: By the way, adding to my introduction, I have a Master in Informatics Applied to Education at PUC-Rio and a PhD in Innovation Management at COPPE/UFRJ. Lately, I have been coordinating and teaching executive courses at FGV Rio. I work with innovation consulting and education in my company InoveLab.net and I am also a partner at FirecastStudio.com, where we develop the tactical RPG game SwordLegacy.com.

Kind regards,

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Hi, I’m Hanna, and I’m new to littleBits. I really love the idea. I’ve done some very basic Arduino breadboarding (very difficult!) at my local makerspace. I can’t wait to invent! :slight_smile:

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Hello from Milford, CT. I am a high schoool science teacher who has been charged with creating an innovation lab for my all-girls school. I’m excited to start playing with littleBits and discovering how I can use them to spark our girls’ creativity and problem-solving talents.

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Hello All! My name is Amy and I’m a children’s librarian in Colorado, USA. we just got a bunch of littleBits for our library district and I’m so excited to start using them with our children’s programming kids. I had seen them before at conferences and such so I was familiar enough with them to encourage my other children’s services team members to take the plunge and buy some. I am working my way through the PD sessions as time allows. Looking forward to getting more involved in this community of makers and educators.


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So, I’ve begun using the kits (2nd grade and 3rd). I am not puttering with the Arduino kit and pulling my hair out!

Today, my small group of 2nd graders used the STEAM kit and made the ArtBots. The ONLY frustration came in attaching the bits to the mounting boards. Even I had trouble.

They are engaged, excited and can’t wait to keep working on those things after the long weekend.

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Welcome, @claudiodipolitto :wave: I’m glad to see you’ve found the Brazil thread. We have some active chapters there - two in Brazil. To join a chapter, follow these links:

Olabi’s team: http://littlebits.cc/community/chapters/olabi

and Pontifical Catholic University: http://littlebits.cc/community/chapters/pontifical-catholic-university

Hi there @Hcube7 :wave: What have you tried so far with the littleBits Arduino?

Welcome @akelley and @libraryladyamy :slight_smile: You might get some inspiration from David Saunders @designsaunders . He’s a super knowledgeable Library Media Specialist in Greenwich, CT. Read about his “Labrary” here: http://littlebits.cc/labrary

Great to hear your 2nd graders are engaged and excited to work with Art Bots! We have lots of tips & tricks for using accessories, such as the mounting boards, shoes, and Lego compatible Brick Adapters. Find all our tips & tricks here: http://littlebits.cc/tips-tricks

Hi. My name is Sandra Poppy Thankful, I’m a Pre-School teacher of St.Kitts and Nevis.The course i will be taking is Early Childhood Education. I have read the guidelines and will comply.

Hiya @Poppy_1716 :slight_smile: Can share with us how littleBits is being used in your course?

Hi everyone,

I’m Basel from Bellevue, WA (by Seattle), in MSFT/Amazon land.

I’ve recently started a LittleBits based after–school program (purely volunteer basis :slight_smile: at my kids Elementary school.
This first 8–week course is a class of 17 students from KG upto 2nd grade.
(Crazy huh, how could I even think KG students could get into electronics before they can read/write properly? Read on :slight_smile:

My journey into LittleBits started about 1.5 years ago, as I volunteered for two “Mini Maker Faires” @ Barnes and Noble.

Of all the different types of STEM focused learning toys that were laid out at the fair, the most “sticky” station was always LittleBits. I could feel the lightbulbs firing rapidly in the idea centers of their brains, as they would quickly iterate from one circuit to the next. It was like magic :slight_smile:

After that I ordered the Gizmos and Gadgets kit (1st edition) and had a blast with my kids (then aged 6 and 4). The wireless circuits were a hit for us (I prefer the simplicity of this over the BLE, no phone/app needed).

The second year of the faire, I actively seeked out parents passing by with younger tots to let even their 3–5 yr olds take a stab at LittleBits. Oh it was a joy to see kids who are barely tall enough to reach a table quickly figure out that you can keep snapping more green bits (but always connected to the blue) to get more and more lights on :slight_smile:

After that I got in touch with an after school educator who was moving away from teaching hardware (to software), and convinced our principal to obtain 20 sets of Starter + Extended kits for a new “Maker” program.

Fast forward to yesterday, we had our first class. Interest was great, all the slots filled up within two hours! We will likely have to followup with another set of classes on the same material + an advanced class for the “first batch”!

The biggest pain point in the class was batteries running out (these are in storage for a year).
So right now I’m on a mission to solve the reliable power problem before next week!
I’m researching these options (posted in this thread too http://discuss.littlebits.cc/t/24754), any feedback would be appreciated!!
– 9V Rechargeables (NiMh or LiIon?)
– USB power (issue: pull from cable twists circuit away… how to fasten it down to allow kids to keep building easily… like the way the 9V cable bend allows? hmm…)

I digress :slight_smile:

Thank you LittleBits for coming up with such a revolutionary learning tool for kids!


Hi again @baselsalam :wave: How many RGB led’s do you have? I have a fun workshop idea I tried out with some 8-11 year olds you might like.

I have 20 RGB LEDs.

In our first class I tried introducing them to the kids, but we couldn’t easily adjust the colors because a lot of the screwdrivers quickly lost their pointy edge…
Is there a way to buy replacements in bulk? Like packs of 10–20?

If there’s a 3d model I could try printing them out, but not sure if my 0.1mm resolution will give a proper edge to the end…

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Hmmm. Since you are already in contact with customer support on another issue, I’ll let them know about your purple screwdrivers. :slight_smile: I’ve been wanting to put together a little writeup about a mini workshop on colored shadows. Since you have 20 RGB led’s, you can have 6 to 10 groups do some independent exploration. If you are willing to take pictures and share the outcomes, I can put together a step by step guide. If you’re interested, I can start a new topic. TTFN :tiger:

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I love the purple screwdrivers! :joy_cat: If you have an Xacto knife (#11), you can refurbish by swiping the knife’s blade down each flat face of the driver, then squaring off the tip with the sharp edge of the knife. It’s just like new then!

If you are a tool purist, get a 1.5mm metal screwdriver. You should be able to find a 10 pack for less than $5 (usd) in the bargain bin of a well stocked hardware store.


Omg genius!

I hadn’t thought that the fact they’re plastic and flat. (vs Philips) makes them easy to sharpen!!

That would be great!!

Hello, I am a teacher, mother, problem-solver and I love littleBits! Although this is my 22nd year teaching, I have been a Science & Technology teacher with 1st-5th graders for 1+ years now and we just began using our littleBits Workshop Sets this past week. The collaboration and conversations the kids are having while exploring and playing is wonderful to see. I look forward to being able to foster their love of creating further and learning from others on this forum.

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Hi everyone. I’m a retired software developer from the Portland Oregon area. I’m building a robot with Mindstorms, but the EV3 is a little limitted so I’m looking into extending it with an Arduino. The Little bit Arduino bit was perfect for me.