Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Hi all! My name is Julia and I’m a Youth Services Librarian at Vernon Area Public Library in Lincolnshire, Illinois. I focus on outreach and technology and am so excited to be presenting my first littleBits program in October! I’m here for programming ideas and look forward to getting involved with everyone else in this littleBits community. Thanks for having me! :smile_cat:

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Hello, I’m Amy a school librarian in NJ! Looking forward to learning from all of you!

Hi, I’m Hector, aka Bubeao. I’m from Barcelona, and I got my first kit this year for my 11th birthday. I’ve found it very funny although a bit complicated sometimes. Right now I’m experimenting with the synthetizer.

I’m expecting to find some cool stuff to keep progressing!


P.S: My big brother helps me with the translation :smiley:

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Hi Hector! (@Bubeao)

Welcome to the littleBits forum. I’m sure you (and your brother, I’m sure he’s curious!) will have a lot of fun with your Synth kit - that is my favorite part too!

Be sure and keep us up on what you are doing with it.

Hi Amy (@aking), Julia (@travelighter), Wicked (@wickeddecent), Dan (@School_of_Noise) and Fergus (@AppleJuicetice). Welcome to the Forum!

We are a very eclectic group, and interests span one end to the other. Jump right in and show off what you have going on.

Fri Aug 26 16:01:15 CDT 2016

To Littlebits Forum

I am and electronic technician and have be since 1982. I also have taught computers, both hardware and software since 1991. I am now retired but still interested in the field.

I want to create a working computer using Littlebits. This would be useful to demonstrate how a computer works, how it breaks, and a few other things. I would use it for demos in our Hardware Software, Troubleshooting, and other classes.
I like the idea of a modular build. Modules needed would be of course: CPu, Memory, I/O and others. Has anyone done this?

I’d also like to do this in a virtual environment, but that’s a different story.

If anyone is interested please post back.

Phil Hart

Littlebits Computer

Fri Aug 26 16:01:15 CDT 2016

To Littlebits Forum

I want to create a full blown computer using littlebits. I haven’t used them yet and would like to kno if anyone has done this or is interested in doing this.

If anyone is interested please post back.

Phil Hart

Hi Phil! (@pbhart)

Welcome to the litleBits forum. The audience here is mixed from elementary school kids, to parents, teachers, developers and scientists. It would be best to start a new topic, using the hardware tag. That way people who are interested (like me!) will be able to see it, and others can ignore it easily.

Once you have some of it working, post it on the Inventions/Projects pages.

Just for now though, I have built a couple ‘analog’ devices: an adder with logic bits, and a multiplier using parts from the Synth Kit.

See ya on the forum!

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Hello @chloeatplay

I just found out about you guys. Actually a little bit long ago, from the ISTE conference -a colleague went and share you info-.

So far you’ve been giving me a lot of ideas :smile:
I’m the Community Manager of a TRC for peruvian teachers working with blended learning.

Hope to see you around
@vanessa thanks for the tutorial :wink:

See you guys around!

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Hi there @Angela9092 @Bubeao @aking @travelighter @wickeddecent @School_of_Noise @AppleJuicetice @chris101 :slight_smile:

Maybe you’d like to get to know more Bitsters at our Community Call tomorrow?

WHEN: 4pm EST on Wednesday the 28th of September

WHERE: The littleBits Unhangout Room

To celebrate our 5 year Birthday the community team here at littleBits is putting together a super special Community Call. Join our founder, Ayah Bdeir, and a group of Bitsters who have been with the company since the beginning.

Can you guess why there are no yellow bits? What was the first project to be uploaded on our invention platform? How many people did our first office fit? What’s everyone’s favorite emoji? Join us to hear untold stories, answer all your burning questions and learn about the funniest of facts.

Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:


Hi @ainemae - exciting! Hope you enjoy and make something soon!

Hi Amy @aking, me too, and excited for new explorations this year! enjoy!

@travelighter hello Julia! sounds fantastic and look forward to sharing!

So cool! So sorry I missed it :cry:

Was it a recorded session? or a hangout I can watch o listen to?

Please let me know :smile:

No worries if you missed the September Community Call, @Angela9092 !

There’s a recap with a recorded session on our blog: http://littlebits.cc/september-community-call-ayah-bdeir

Hi littleBits Forum,

I’m Jonathan, I work as the Educational Technology Coordinator in the Primary Section of a bilingual international school in Cali, Colombia.

We’ve just given our ICT Room a major overhaul and turned it into a colourful , bright and flexible space in which our students can come and explore and create all sorts of things. As part of this initiative we have just received some littleBits Steam kits and the synth kit. We are just getting to grips with it but so far the response has been amazing.

Looking forward to learning and exchanging with you all on this forum.

Glad to hear it, @JonathanW :slight_smile: Perhaps you’d like to

I hope to see your students’ inventions soon!

Hi everyone!

My name is Richard Campbell I am a Canadian living and working in South Korea. I teach English but over the past few years I have been integrating technology into my curriculum. I started a Global Chapter: CodingHeroes. We are really excited to get started. You can find me on Twitter @ipadeflteacher! I look forward to share ideas and learning from you all!

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Hey! I’m Cody. I’m a teacher from Canada. I finally figured out how to log in and introduce myself. I have some projects old and new.
I got a one of everything order a few years ago so I have a lot of bits in my classroom.
My favourite bit is the servo. Great for puppetry and pairs well with some of the great sensor bits.
I have a project in the Magic of Harry Potter challenge. Please check it out and like share and comment!

My name is Laurie Ann; I teach gifted ed-this year 1-2, and high achieving K-2 groups. I also head a STEM/little Bits Club for 1-2 and 3rd-4th. (3./4 will be using the Bits; I will introduce them to my first and second graders during the second semester.)

I dipped my toe into the little Bits pond, loved it so much, I have my own kits (STEAM and Gizmos), I wrote a proposal for the PTO to fund some little Bits…and OH BOY!

I now have in my possession a kit for 24 kids, three synth kits, another Gizmos kit, and an Arduino kit!

New to the synth and Arduino…so I am bringing it home on our winter break to learn…

Soooo excited!

I teach in a district about 35 miles south of Atlanta…