Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Hey my name is Rick Martin and I started using Little Bits at my work and put together this video of our first day. Hope you enjoy!


Hey, cool! Welcome, Rick @mr_m thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: You might be interested to know littleBits has a new School Chapters program for educators like yourself who use littleBits in the classroom.
Find out more here: http://littlebits.cc/school-chapters-are-finally-here

Hi! I am Stacy Brown, the 21st Century Learning Coordinator at The Davis Academy in Atlanta, Georgia (http://www.davisacademy.org/) . I’ve been using LittleBits for a while now. I use them in #MakerMonday, which is for kindergarten prep thru 5th grade. I use them with 6th, 7th and 8th graders in a tech elective. We use them for a 4th grade programming and robotics course as well. Check out some of the inventions we’ve made here: http://4techdavis.blogspot.com/ and @4thTech on Twitter. I am excited to tap into LittleBits directly for more inspiration and ideas. Here is one of our creations from today, a conveyor belt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBPB4nhs1Ko&feature=em-upload_owner

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Welcome @21ststacy! Come jump into the Educator’s Corner to talk specific things: http://discuss.littlebits.cc/c/educators-corner.

Hi all!
My name is Gigi and I am with Saint Stephen of Hungary school in New York City! We are a brand new school chapter with littleBits and we are so excited!

Next year, we are looking forward to our new STEM lab space where students will be able to achieve a higher level of learning through access to more hands on activities. My role in the school is Middle School Science teacher! I am so excited to be implementing new ideas and models through this lab and now, with littleBits!

I can’t wait to interact with all here and learn more about awesome programs happening in the schools!

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Gigi, it’s great to have you! Come join the conversation in the Educator’s Corner: http://discuss.littlebits.cc/c/educators-corner

Hi - I’m Marc and I’m a teacher in New York. We recently signed on to become a School Chapter and we are really excited to start this work moving into next year. We have school Makerspaces in all of our schools but we try not to limit access to cool projects to those spaces.

We had our first School Maker Faire this year and we had over 200 students participate, showing off cool projects they had made in both school and at home.

I’m looking forward to being an active member of the community and helping out other students and educators in any way I can.


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welcome @ZeeBitster! Come check out the educator’s corner

I am From Florida usng the little bits to learn Arduino, and Its fun and a challenge.

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Welcome, @Gaffanon! What have you tried so far? :smiley:

heya, i’m Raviable, or Ryan. you might know me for some things but just relax and let me so my stuff

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hiya folks, this is Adrienne, a librarian/artist, finishing our last week of school here in Lausanne - winding down, and gearing up for next year, excited to start playing/learning with little bits over the summer. :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :grinning:thanks @nickweinberg and @chloeatplay for the warm welcomes.

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I’m Cathy from Mineral Wells, Texas USA. I’m an elementary school librarían and our school has joined the maker movement. We are interested in giving our students hands-on activities to create problem solvers and inventors. I look forward to learning with everyone.

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Welcome @chammond & @zabbadeez (Cathy & Adrienne)! :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ve heard? We’ve extended our Global Chapters program to now include School Chapters!! Join and learn from a global network of educators who use littleBits in their classrooms and after-school programs to teach STEM/STEAM through invention and monthly challenges. Here is everything you need to know to start your own School Chapter:

Speaking of our monthly challenges (you don’t need to be in a chapter to participate), you and your students could win prizes! This month (June) is all about making music. Read about it here: http://littlebits.cc/littlebits-online-summer-camp-educator-resources

I look forward to seeing all your inventions! :slight_smile:

Hello - I am a Science Department Chair that has been playing with littleBits for a while now. and am looking for new ways to use them in my classes. I guess I am an intermediate user… limited by available time to play!

I am located in Western Massachusetts at an independent school; and I run our school’s Tinkering Place (smaller than a true Makerspace or Fab Lab, but same general idea)

In the real world, I teach mostly chemistry and a section of Exploring Computer Science, and I currently pretend to be the president of our local chapter of CSTA. I also am active in NSTA. I am a proud Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator alum. I love toys of all kinds.

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Welcome Kathy @kgorski! Please feel free to share pics of your Tinkering Place! :slight_smile: Based on your description, I’d like to introduce you to @chris101 who also teaches chemistry and has been known to tinker with the Arduino module. Here are some of his inventions: http://littlebits.cc/users/chris101

Hi Kathy @kgorski !

It’s good to meet you (and thanks for the intro @JackANDJude!) I do indeed teach chemistry, and also run all of the physical science labs in the college. LittleBits fit in ‘a little bit’, as we do have an intro to electronics course, and they make some demos a snap (literally!) And yeah, I do play with Arduinos. Lately I’m liking the ATTiny85 and 84 series.

See you in the forum!

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Hello, littleBits community! I’m an independent tinkerer currently residing in Qatar. I ordered the littleBits Pro Library some time ago, and now that I have it all set up and ready to go, I feel that I’m ready to join the community. I look forward to giving and receiving suggestions and becoming part of this community of makers!

–Fergus R.


I’m Dan from School of Noise. We use the synth kits in lots our workshops in schools and festivals around the UK. We are always looking at new ways to explore what these amazing little things can do. I’m happy to share our experiences with you as well as get new ideas from other makers and teachers on here.

Kind regards,

@chloeatplay I’m just getting started here on the LittleBits Forums having only been playing the LB sandbox for the past school year but dang if I’m not happy to be here.

I’m an English teacher at Mt. Blue High School in Farmington, Maine, located in the western foothills of the state. We’re a rural, regional district that brings together +/- 750 students from 10 communities and has an eclectic population of students thanks to our university campus, hospital, and court system, alongside increasing poverty, struggling forestry and dying paper industries, and considerable transient population.

MBC houses our regional technology center as well, so we are able to offer tech programs such as digital media, biotechnology, forestry, robotics, firefighting and composites, alongside our academic programs that are just as diverse as our student population. It’s a pretty darn cool place to teach I have for almost twenty years <cough, cough> ahem. Good. Better.

I teach English through a design thinking lens, using empathy fueled, human centered problem solving to inform student learning in the classroom. Thus, students empathize with characters to understand the themes of a novel, reverse engineer poetry to explore the composer’s intended effect upon the reader, and design interpretations of Shakespeare that will reach audiences in a particular way while remaining congruent to the original’s spirit.

And where do LittleBits fit in? Oh I reckon I’ll put that in another post on the ol’ discussion boards. They played a very big role this year.

Besides all that, I’m also a improv comedy director and performer, at both the high school and with my own team of adults, a huge pop culture nerd of the highest degree, husband to a brilliant and fantastically attractive school librarian, and dad to couple of kiddos who keep things interesting on the daily.