Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Welcome to the party @dominickv!

Hi everyone! Glad to be joining the community!

I’m a teen/tween librarian (who has a masters degree in meteorology and makes soap as a side business…bet you don’t see that combination often!) working in rural, upstate New York. When I say rural, I mean no stop lights and as many (or more) cows than people in town.

In addition to being rural, our local economy isn’t the greatest. A lot of kids rely on school for 2 out of 3 meals a day. Many don’t have supervision after school. Drugs are a problem in our community, both in the youth and the adults.

I hope to connect with at least some of these kids, engage their creative minds, and hopefully put them on the track for something better. LittleBits is a big part of my plans, as I am developing a self-guided, gamified, continuous LittleBits program for our youth. I am hoping to kick off the program in the next few weeks and will hopefully watch it grow from there.

I can’t wait to get to know everyone more and share with you what my kiddos come up with!

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Hi, I’m Anna from Minne(freezing)sota. I encountered littleBits for the first time at the 2014 TIES conference but, having explored it with no guidance, my interest wavered. At the 2015 TIES conference, I took a pre-conference workshop that required participants to come up with something using littleBits. It was interesting to see how other materials could be added to create something more than just circuits.

I recently uploaded my first project (although I will most likely upload an improved version of it). I also recently applied to start a charter in my city. I run a variety of after-school and evening clubs. The plan is to start a littleBits club in February, both in the afternoons and evenings. First I have to explore my kits and come up with some cool things to show and inspire students.

Hi @jeffpiep! Can’t wait to see what you make :smile:

Welcome @Annavkelly! Totally agree with you that the materials dimension really brings the bits to life - it’s all about the context :sunglasses: Looking forward to hearing how it goes with the clubs - keep us posted!

So nice to meet you, @AutisticCaitian1958! :slight_smile: From your description, it sounds like you have a sweet workbench! What have you tried making with littleBits so far?

Nice to meet you @thelibraryfox! Please do keep us posted about how your littleBits program goes! :slight_smile: A great way to give the kiddos pride in their work is to post pictures and videos of their projects on the project page, littlebits.cc/projects …

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I just received a grant to purchase $500 littleBits items for my 2nd grade class. I’m very new at this and have no other littleBit items. What are the best beginning kits that I should purchase for my class? Thanks!

Wow! This sounds like a lot of fun! I will try to do this, I feel like I won something. Thank you!

Hi @kchristensen!

Take a look at the Gizmos and Gadgets kit. You could buy a couple of those and have plenty of stuff for the kids to play with. Another possibility is the Student Set with slightly more bits, but way less accessories.

Or you could browse the Projects page (use the littleBits app!) and get the exact bits you’ll need for those projects. In my opinion, $500 will get you a nice collection of bits!

Hello! I am Michelle Luhtala, and I am one of the New Canaan High School librarians in New Canaan, CT (40 miles northeast of New York City). We created a makerspace in our library this year, thanks to a massive book and shelf removal project. It’s very exciting. I am not a tinkererer per se (although I am crafty), but I am surrounded by curious learners, and I think that together, we can turn our learning experiences into sharing experiences, which might ultimately morph into teaching experiences. So, we are eager to learn, and very grateful to LittleBits for providing this springboard for our journey. If I was a Bit, I would be a fork because I like to make connections, and I am a nearly compulsive multitasker :wink: We look forward to learning with you all!

:slight_smile: ML


Hi everyone! I am Saulo, Sao Paulo based multimedia artist and maker. I’m founder of dadalab.org, a makerspace that design and fabricate educational kits and produce workshops about art with technology, audiohacking, robot toys and anythings to empower people by the power of DIY and learning in a playful creative experience. We are using littleBits on our workshops to teach concepts and also let kids free to invent fast and see their ideas working. Looking forward to learn from you all!


@dadalab, I love the background in your space: https://www.flickr.com/photos/littlebitsglobalchapters/albums/72157661679198044. Brazil is well represented in the Chapter’s program. You need to meet @drthuler, @denisethuler and @rafael_coutinho.

Welcome @mluhtala! @designsaunders is the king of library maker spaces from Greenwich, CT.

What kind of things are you making?

Hi @dadalab,

Welcome to the forum :smile:

My name is Diego from Little Maker (Americana, Campinas and Indaiatuba), visit www.lt.mk. Let’s set up a meeting to exchange experiencies. Feel free to contact me at diego@littlemaker.com.br to talk further (in portuguese).
Nice photo! I liked your approach, seems to be very aligned to mine :smile:



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new to the little bits community. my 5 year old is a minecraft fanatic and has enjoyed the little bits gadget set Santa brought him. Just bought the cloud bit with the hopes of integrating his world with the real world.

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Welcome @khacker123! What do you think you and your minecraft fanatic will make? :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I’m Reece (I suck at writing about myself, and hopefully I’m posting this correctly). I’m very excited to start working on this program. I’ve worked on some of the available tutorials already and it’s been a very exciting afternoon for me so far. All you really need to know about me is that I am a total geek. I really love reading, I play violin, writing, and making home videos. I really love science… like really, really love science. I’m sure I’ll enjoy my time here and I hope everyone else has fun too :blush: Have a good day, and thank you for reading this!

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@chloeatplay hello there i am a new member and leading a new chapter in Beirut Lebanon, I am preparing for an after school program however I’m little bit short on ideas on projects since the school is stressing to teach the students how to think incrementally ( kinda like the challenge design experiment flash light and stuff) now since i am using a number of deluxe kits and gizmo and gadget kits can you help me with anything?
Thanks a lot

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