Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Thanks @Ksenia, @drthuler and Paulo & Simone for visiting littleBits HQ!


Hello, @midimike! :smile:

If you have an Arduino Bit, you can give DieterVDW’s modulator a go. http://littlebits.cc/projects/arduino-lfo-adsr

However, you will need a gate converter to run the ADSR and other bits like the oscillator bit and envelope bit properly at the same time, and it just so happens that I worked on this over the weekend. :gift:

Essentially, the OSOM solves all issues related to using modulations that aren’t standard to the littleBits system. :relaxed:

When ti comes to other filter types, it is already possible to get them by combining splits, filters, inverters, and mixers. You will want one split, one inverter, one mixer, and two filters to get started making your own filter shapes. You can get every shape from a classic SEM filter using those parts.

I will probably get an MS20 mini when they drop even lower in price. However, the freedom to make my own modulations with Arduino bits is great. Not to mention that I could use these modulations with an MS20 via the cv bit. :sunglasses:

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HI @blindbento! Thank you for your EXCELLENT reply! I do indeed have an Arduino Bit, but have not yet fired it up. Now I have a reason- no excuses.

The OSOM looks extremely interesting. This is indeed Awesome :grinning:

I am aware of some of the different combinations to get the different filter types, but it would be nice to have a single bit that I could just plug and enjoy.

Thank you again and I’m very impressed by what you’ve done.

Thank you!

Thank you,… and am glad to be here. Have been somewhat of a lurker,…

Nothing amazing this week- will be giving them a little about the history of recording, perhaps introduce a Theremin, discuss movie music and then have each student dream of a sound, build a LittleBits noise maker to make that sound, record their group performance on a multi-track cassette recorder (many have never seen a cassette so i thought that would be fun to bring in- feeling so incredibly old- haha) then mix it down, post the file and then give them the URL to download the creation- all to be played at their homes on Halloween.


Sounds like an awesome project! Enter it into the #HackHalloween contest, @midimike! :slight_smile:

Feel free to leave a like and a comment on the OSOM project page if you or your students find it useful! :grinning:

OSOM’s main use is to keep the oscillators running at all times. I added the gate converter to make custom modulators easier to use. This also has the bonus of freeing up your split bit from the usual task of driving the oscillators or even supplying power. Naturally, I use this to make different filter responses. :confetti_ball:

I am sure that you will find your Arduino very, very useful! :zap:

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Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Choi, who is an undergraduate student at UNCG. I am studying to become an educator and I hope to explore littleBits and be able to apply what I learned into my field of study. Learning is continuous and I strive to learn everyday!

Another fun office visit! This time from @elkahi_sabine!

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@chloeatplay Greetings folks! I’m Tom. New here.

@nickweinberg I think now we can officially consider ourselves a Chapter :bitstar:


@leo you guys are amazing! Will you and your community be participating in the Hack Your Halloween challenge: http://littlebits.cc/hack-your-halloween-challenge?

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Hi @jmchoi! Please join us at our next Community Call, this Wed Oct 28th, Noon EST! It’s a great way to meet like minded educators and make friends! :slight_smile:

Hi, @tombalzamo! I LOVE your Quiet Time Machine, and your Laser Shooting Gallery! Welcome to the forum!!! Are you planning on making something with your boys for the #HackHalloween contest? Please SAY YES!!! :slight_smile:


My name is Kelo Kubu. I am an entrepreneur based in Johannesburg. My work is mainly in the design space. I am the founder of TEDxSoweto and co-organiser of TEDxJohannesburg. It is through TEDx that I came across Little-Bits.
Together with the US Consulate, we run various programs in Soweto and the Littlebits club in Soweto is one of the exciting new projects that we will be hosting in 2016.

Looking forward to engaging with the community.


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Welcome Kelo!!! So happy you’re joining us.

How’s this?! http://littlebits.cc/projects/halloween-hack-grumpy-old-man-style

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We’ve been working on a script about alien invasion :alien:

Hopefully, we’ll be shooting the movie before the deadline

:movie_camera: featuring…

a brand new UFO that looks more like a dome

and, of course, a lego hero in his fancy car

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Hello all! I just realized that I have never introduced myself in this forum before! LittleBits has been one of the most exciting pieces of technology for learning that I have came across in quite a while! I was so inspired by them that I decided to start a chapter in South San Jose! We have kicked of our first of 15 after school club meetings, and we are going to be holding quite a few monthly events as well!

Cheers all!



Hi, i got introduced to littlebits through a maker’s fair at work.
they said, here you’re in charge of this and handed me a box full of littlebits. well i’m kinda obsessed with them now and i’m planning out which pieces to buy for different projects. please be patient as this is all new, but exciting for me.


@tombalzamo Super glad to have you join the forums! We’re big fans :raised_hands:

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