Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Justin! I live over by Mississippi Ave. and I know another Littlebits maker here in town. Time for a meetup!
My profile is here: http://littlebits.cc/users/todd_1015


I know we have a few others from Portland here as well including @bamportland and @SPH.

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He found me a few days ago already! :smiley:

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Hello, this is the owner of Bricks & Minifigs Portland. I thought I may become a Little Bits maker, but didn’t get up to speed before I became too busy preparing to open my store (Oct 1). I joined the community to learn about how my Little Bits parts may become a timer for a Derby Race Car track for LEGO cars at the store. At some point if the group is interested in a project I would love to have you at the store to tinker with it. As well, I would be open to arranging a meetup for Little Bits users in Portland who want to integrate LEGO into their projects. I can be reached at bampdx15@gmail.com. - Spencer Crandall

right on, @bamportland! that sounds like a fun project!

Looking to introduce my children to littleBits. I was leaning towards purchasing the educator kit. I’m trying to make sure I have enough to supply 2 10 year olds. Does anyone have any recommendations? I also want to get the cloud connectors.

Welcome, @tomhrose! Are you referring to the Student Set? Without knowing anything about your two 10 year olds, I’d say that would supply them. However, it would be easier to make recommendations if we know more about your kids. What are their interests and what sort of things do you think they would like to make?

Yes, I am referring to the Student Set in your link. My one son is creative and loves to design things while my other one is a builder. I was showing them some of the videos and they seemed to be very interested in anything that was moving such as a car or a ferris wheel.

I’m sure you’ll be off to a running start with that set. As far as motors go, it includes 1 DC motor, 1 servo, 1 vibration motor and 1 fan. The DC motors are best for projects that require rotational movement such as cars, ferris wheels and art bots.

If they both want to do projects like that at the same time, consider adding another DC motor to your purchase.

As far as the cloudBit goes… I normally would recommend the cloudBit Starter Kit, but you would have a lot of overlap in bits with the Student Set. So, maybe you’d prefer to buy the cloudBit on it’s own - don’t worry, it still would come with a usb power and an adapter cable. However, unless it’s in the bundle, it does not come with mounting boards. I recommend you get either mounting boards, brick adapters (use 'em with legos), or shoes (sticky, velcro, or magnet) to keep your cloudBit powered.

I hope that’s helpful. Please let us know what you all MAKE! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help. I added an extra motor and already had the lego boards and 2 mounting boards so we should be all good. Looking forward to see what they can build!

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Hi @JackANDJude Thanks for the welcome. Planning to post a few things in the next little while.

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im an arduino, hackerspace, and interactive tech enthusiast from the west coast. i run, CrafterNoons, our hackerspace’s crafting with electronics series, and i’ve taught all manner of workshops for all ages. meanwhile, im learning more about game design a unity…

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hey @mpinner, what kind of workshops are you running in CrafterNoons?

@nuckweinberg mostly conductive material and electronic explorations upon very simple projects: cat ears, needle felting, T-shirt mods, an excuse to make a silly mess, or learn something new.

Here’s a more complete list: http://blog.crashspace.org/?s=crafternoon


Im Jasper from the netherlands and started using littlebits to refresh my electronics knowledge.
Took a big step to buy also the arduino.
My daughter, 6years, seems to like it also, so thats a plus if i need to buy kits. now there a two people in the house usin it.

Welcome, @Jasper_Sluis! I’d like to introduce you to @alexpikkert, who is also from the Netherlands and likes to program with the Arduino. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make on the project page - and feel free to hash out a work in progress here in the Project Buzz section of the forum. Others will surely jump in to help. :slight_smile:

Glad to join the forum,… enjoying the LittleBits and tinkering around. Currently using a couple of the Synth kits in an introductory electronic music class to the kids 10 and up. They work incredibly well and they are having a lot of fun,… and learning too. Will be talking about composition, sound and even about the different types of synthesis- I am planning on having the Kits at all the classes- after all, it’s a lot easier to plug in a few modules vs walking them through a DX7! :grinning:

I am a longtime synth junkie and LittleBits have been a great addition.

Dream Bit would probably be an ADSR. Different filter types would be nice too. Looks like the LFO is going to happen.


Please share what you are doing! I would love to listen/look. Thanks you!

Welcome to the community- there appears to be a lot of Synth Kit users out there using the bits are far more than “toys”- but “real” music/sound makers. The LittleBits are great- and I see you passed on the MS20,… you might want to get one - it and the LittleBits get along very well with one another.

Hi, @midimike :hand:! Make yourself at home! :slight_smile: Please feel free to share your lesson plan with us at littlebits.cc/lessons ! We’d love to learn more about how you’re using synth bits in the classroom… :slight_smile: