Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Hello everyone, I’m Reece (I suck at writing about myself, and hopefully I’m posting this correctly). I’m very excited to start working on this program. I’ve worked on some of the available tutorials already and it’s been a very exciting afternoon for me so far. All you really need to know about me is that I am a total geek. I really love reading, I play violin, writing, and making home videos. I really love science… like really, really love science. I’m sure I’ll enjoy my time here and I hope everyone else has fun too :blush: Have a good day, and thank you for reading this!

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@chloeatplay hello there i am a new member and leading a new chapter in Beirut Lebanon, I am preparing for an after school program however I’m little bit short on ideas on projects since the school is stressing to teach the students how to think incrementally ( kinda like the challenge design experiment flash light and stuff) now since i am using a number of deluxe kits and gizmo and gadget kits can you help me with anything?
Thanks a lot

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Welcome @thatsnomoon! :wave: From what you posted about yourself, I’d say you’re in quite good company here :smile: I would :heart: to hear more about what you’ve been working on with littleBits and what excites you the most :sparkles:

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@RayanN @JackANDJude is our project guru-- I bet she has some ideas.

Hello @chloeatplay. I am a school librarian and looking to incorporate the STEAM in my library for students. Also curious what graduate level degrees may blend well into advancing this professionally for me.

Welcome @analm! We have some librarians in our midst, like @designsaunders and @lgoldstein and @mluhtala

You’re Invited!

All are welcome! :slight_smile: Including you!
@thatsnomoon, @khacker123, @RayanN, @mluhtala, @dadalab, @chris101, @donalddrakemachines, @kchristensen,

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Hi! My name is Anahit and I am from San Jose, California. I am a beginner programmer and I am happy to join to the littleBits community. I am very interested in Arduino projects. So far I have completed two projects with my sister. Please check them out:

I am looking forward to work with all of you!


Hi Anahit! Your mouse game is super-cute. I especially like the cat paw buttons.

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Thank you. It was designed by my sister.

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Welcome @Anahit. What kind of projects do you plan to make next?

Hi @nickweinberg,
I actually do not know what to make next, but I’m thinking about it.

Hi Everyone! I’m Sri Garikipati and I’m based in Pleasanton, CA, US. I am representing on behalf of Tri- Valley Chapter as a Chapter Leader. I am an active volunteer in the community from past 17 years onwards with the education system and my world is revolved around the children. I have a degree in business, teaching and law. When I was exploring to introduce a program about electronics through Minerva Learning (which is an education company) for all school children. That’s where I found little bits and I was so fascinated with the design and also very user friendly. Then I thought to know more about electronics by using little bits , and also involving as a chapter leader to connect with other passionated people . As a Chapter Leader, I would like to participate either as a knowledge seeker or creating fun while sharing knowledge or inventing new projects from time to time using little bits to unleash creativity and imagination in children.
BTW, If I could be a bit it would be a power bit and this is the begineer bit to start with to create any innovation by adding more bits to challenge ourselves to meet 21st Century skills. Can’t wait to chat with you all in our monthly community call to generate bit innovation and also to enrich myself.

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Awesome introduction @sgarikipati! Welcome to the littleBits Community! :slight_smile:
Please check out our March design challenge: #InventForGood and let us know if you or your chapter members have any ideas!

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Hi, not much to say as i don’t even own any littlebits.

Just want to find out more…

I’m an oscillator by nature.

Hi! I’m Stephanie from Florida! I use Little Bits with my 4th graders and am really excited to take 4 of them on to a county competition next month!

Hi @StephIrish, and welcome to littleBits! Can you please tell us more about the “county competition”?

Every 4th grade class in our county participates in Little Bits. They are given themes and such as “animals in their habitats” and build a project with Little Bits based on the theme. Each class holds their own competition. Each teacher picks one team of 4 students to go onto a school competition where they compete against the other fourth grade classes. Then a group of judges made up of our leadership team chooses the top team to compete against the other Elementary schools from our county in the county competition. The county competition takes place at a local college and is a HUGE deal for our kids. The top 3 winners from that competition win medals, a trophy for their school and bragging rights! Plus, it’s a lot of fun!!!

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WOW @stephirish - it SOUNDS like a lot of fun! If I may ask, which county is this? Do you have pictures and video you can share of your fourth graders’ projects? Have you tried uploading to littlebits.cc/invent ?

Good morning!
I’m a high school teacher in California and I’m excited to be starting a DesignTech Academy with my colleagues. I teach a foundational class, and I would like to have students working in pairs (2:1) with the Steam Classroom sets. Here is what I would like some help with:
I know the kits are meant for 3-4 students each. I am advocating for two students per kit in order to give all students more options. All 9th graders at my public school take my class–so I am taking all of these things into consideration.
It’s a pretty big outlay of funds–but I think it is worth it. Then again, I am new to Bits and am wondering if you BitsExperts can tell me if 3:1 is good but adding more Logic or Arduino bits would be also money well spent?
Any help at all would be so appreciated. I am making a pitch for this purchase at 3:00 today.

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Hi I’m Bill from Columbus, OH. I’ve been a tinker with electronics most of my life. I worked as an electronics tech for 12 years repairing consumer electronics. I’ve been following littleBits as it starts to gain traction in the STEM and STEAM community. I think there is a great potential to teach children technology using littleBits as a medium. I started a Meetup called Little Bits Makers and we had our first meeting tonight. We had 3 adults and 2 children come and learn a little bit about electronics and play with littleBits. The synth was a big hit.


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