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You rock @charlottepohlig! Keep doing great things!!

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public static void myIntro(){

     Hello All!  My name is Robert Strunk and 
     I am a software developer.  I specialize in writing
     enterprise applications on the Force.com platform.

     In order to develop my IoT skills, I was lucky enough
     to get a Smart Home Kit and I am very excited to 
     start tinkering!


Nice to meet you @rstrunk! Looking forward to seeing what IoT inventions you create! Feel free to start a new topic on the Project Buzz section with your project ideas, and other Bitsters will be sure to help! :smile:

I melted seeing these new Hack Halloween photos from our Cape Town, South Africa Chapter leaders: https://www.flickr.com/photos/littlebitsglobalchapters/.


My name is Leo. Hello everyone! Right now, I am am having a problem of establishing a serial port: under Tools>Port, the serial port option is dim, and only the Bluetooth port option is available. How do I get the serial port option to work?

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Hi Everybody, I am Donald Drake, an American Kinetic Artist living in Berlin, Germany specializing in Chain Reactions. I make Chain Reaction footage and my wife does music for the footage. Normally for motors I have K’nex motors, and a stripped oscillating fan, however I am psyched to explore servos and tricks in the electrical category with my new Gizmo and Gadgets kit. Here is a sample of my work without using littlebits technology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P6wyM3dDss

So far I have made footage where the Servo motor slides a strip of cardboard along the table using friction from the rubber wheel, and I was able to power this mechanism by having the 9 volt battery slide down a ramp and using it’s own weight power the motor, I love how sensitive the contacts are for the batter strip.

Anyway, I hope to share my future electrical kinetic chain reaction tricks and complicated if-then sequences with everyone! I think the first littlebits infused Chain Reaction Machine will be out two or three mondays from now!

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Wow Donald! (@DonaldDrakeMachines)

I love the complexity of your RGMs. That is the kind of stuff that littleBits will really, uh … snap into. Can’t wait to see your first LB project.

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Good Evening,

I just joined into the community.
Just call me AutisticCaitian1958.
I am a 57 year-old adult with Autism and Cerebral Palsy.
I am a graduate of Wentworth Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.
I am prematurely retired on SSDI, but I still tinker in the basement where I have my workbench with equipped with:
(2) Oscilliscopes
(2) Function Generators
Several Power Supplies,
(2) Digital Multimeters

Anyway, one of these littleBits microcontroller kits appeared under the Christmas Tree this morning, and I am going to see what I can do with it.



Hello My name is Josh. I recently got littlebits and I love it. I love inventing things. Before I had littlebits I used to take broken electronics fix them then take them apart and make really cool and usefull things out of them. The other day my mixer broke and I was bored so I turned it into a high powerd fan. Its great to meet you all.

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Hello All . I’m Dominick Vanacore starting the Β THE Δ littleBits chapter in Yorktown Heights, NY. I’m excited to join the community. My passion is teaching kids about science and technology. I’m looking forward to teaching kids about littleBits! I am planning to have my first littleBits session at the end of January. Anyone have some advice ? Thanks!

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Hi, I’m Jeff. We joined the maker movement as a way to engage our kids in technology and volunteer at our elementary school’s before-school maker space. We bought a CloudBit as a family gift this Christmas because both kids are Minecraft nuts. We really liked the concept of Minecraft interaction with the physical world. I’m also interested in learning some ins and outs of IoT using the CloudBit. Looking forward to some fun.

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Welcome to the party @dominickv!

Hi everyone! Glad to be joining the community!

I’m a teen/tween librarian (who has a masters degree in meteorology and makes soap as a side business…bet you don’t see that combination often!) working in rural, upstate New York. When I say rural, I mean no stop lights and as many (or more) cows than people in town.

In addition to being rural, our local economy isn’t the greatest. A lot of kids rely on school for 2 out of 3 meals a day. Many don’t have supervision after school. Drugs are a problem in our community, both in the youth and the adults.

I hope to connect with at least some of these kids, engage their creative minds, and hopefully put them on the track for something better. LittleBits is a big part of my plans, as I am developing a self-guided, gamified, continuous LittleBits program for our youth. I am hoping to kick off the program in the next few weeks and will hopefully watch it grow from there.

I can’t wait to get to know everyone more and share with you what my kiddos come up with!

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Hi, I’m Anna from Minne(freezing)sota. I encountered littleBits for the first time at the 2014 TIES conference but, having explored it with no guidance, my interest wavered. At the 2015 TIES conference, I took a pre-conference workshop that required participants to come up with something using littleBits. It was interesting to see how other materials could be added to create something more than just circuits.

I recently uploaded my first project (although I will most likely upload an improved version of it). I also recently applied to start a charter in my city. I run a variety of after-school and evening clubs. The plan is to start a littleBits club in February, both in the afternoons and evenings. First I have to explore my kits and come up with some cool things to show and inspire students.

Hi @jeffpiep! Can’t wait to see what you make :smile:

Welcome @Annavkelly! Totally agree with you that the materials dimension really brings the bits to life - it’s all about the context :sunglasses: Looking forward to hearing how it goes with the clubs - keep us posted!

So nice to meet you, @AutisticCaitian1958! :slight_smile: From your description, it sounds like you have a sweet workbench! What have you tried making with littleBits so far?

Nice to meet you @thelibraryfox! Please do keep us posted about how your littleBits program goes! :slight_smile: A great way to give the kiddos pride in their work is to post pictures and videos of their projects on the project page, littlebits.cc/projects …

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