Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Hi! I’m Abraxas from Puebla, Mexico. I am an engineer in electronics and I have a master degree in Biomedical engineering. I have always been interested in the implementation of new and different educational alternatives, so, when I first saw littleBits I was fascinated and I started working with them as soon as I could.

The TicTec (Talleres Interactivos de Creatividad y Tecnología) is an interdisciplinary team (engineers, educators, designers, musicians) interested in empowering both, the scientific and the artistic abilities in kids with the certainty that this will bring great benefits to our community.

I am, a wheelchair user since 2001, so, I am also interested on prototipyng assitive alternatives for motion disabilities. I think littlebits is an excellent and powerful tool to do so.



Hi, todd from Portland here. I’m shocked to see no chapters in my hometown!

Anyway, I just bought the synth kit from our awesome used instruments shop, trade-up music and immediately showed it off to teacher coworkers of mine at Buckman Elementary. can’t wait to expand my bit collection!

Welcome @Abraxas. I know @TomDavidCharlotte might be working on some wheel chair projects as well. You guys should definitely connect.


Hola @Abraxas and @TomDavidCharlotte :smile: what do you think about the idea of working in an adaptive ski project for the bitOlympics?

Foto: Fundación Desafío Bariloche


Hi All,
I am Ed Messerly and I am a professor of Information Tech. We have created a new Chapter here in Seattle, WA. I have not had the opportunity to attend a Maker meet up centered around littleBits. Here in Seattle, we have tons of software people underfoot fueled by some of the best coffee in the world. But… we are not generally known for our hardware prowess. I think littleBits are great way to get into the game. I love the STEAM and the Inventor view of the world. I am excited to be a member of this community.

Hiya, @toddfadel, and welcome! Please add yourself to the Bitster Map, so you can find other littleBits makers in your area. I just the map and found Shawn ( @SPH ) is in Portland. Click on his name to see his profile. He’s also an educator, and seems like a pretty cool guy to get to know. :smile:

Since you have a Synth Kit, you might like to check out the Music section of the forums. We have design challenges you can try like “Video Game Maestro” by @chloeatplay

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Hi, Ed! Thanks for joining us! :slight_smile: What sort of things do you think you might like to make with littleBits?

Thanks @nickweinberg. Hi @TomDavidCharlotte!

Hola @leo, I think is a great idea, eventhough I haven’t seen any of that. Do you have any ideas so far?

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Hi @ toddfadel. It’s only a matter of time… I live in the SF Bay Area and we don’t have one yet either. I’m working finding a sponsor and a home for a chapter here. :relaxed:

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Greetings @Dohaqsc2015! Have you ever worked with Bon Education, based in Dubai? You seem like a likely candidate for a Tech Quest teacher.

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Dear @Abraxas, @leo, & @TomDavidCharlotte : Why not start a new topic under the Project Buzz category. Ideas will start flowing once you do. :wink: How does “Adaptive Downhill Skiing #bitOlympics” sound as a title to start?

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Hi Chapter people. I was just talking to @nickweinberg and envisioned a bitMobile (not batMobile) for the Oakland Chapter! Imagine Boy Wonder and Batman showing up at a school with bits and lesson plans…


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Hi everyone! My name is Johnny Long. I am the founder of hackersforcharity.org and I run the chapter in Jinja, Uganda, East Africa! We provide free computer training and support to folks that need it the most. We started our LittleBits club with some great kids in the community including many former street kids.

Glad to be here!


Hello My name is Samia and I’m leading the innovation hub , its an experiential STEM center for teachers and students to learn aboutrobotics , 3D printing, structures & Design, Green Energy, Aerospace, Electronics and much more>>

Welcome @ihackstuff and @Samia! Would you like to join our monthly Community Call? It’s starting in 30 minutes, which is June 24th, Noon, EST. Please join us! :smile:

omg! amazing ~ also, bitmobile ? :wink:

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Hi People, Delighted to be part of the littlebits community. Am Chika Okafor, a maker, an autodidact at design and producer of Maker Faire Africa 2012 Lagos Nigeria,Prior to that i also co-organized Maker Faire Africa 2011 Cairo Egypt. I’m currently bootstrapping a makerspace/hackerspace/DIY space called NEST(Nurture Emancipate Strategize Target). Am looking forward to networking with littlebits chapter leaders and am ready to rock! this Chapter(Lagos, Nigeria).


Hello my name is Sarah