Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Thanks for the response @JackANDJude - We can’t eitther :smile:
We will put ourselves on the map -
We will be designing some of the experiments and share them.

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At this point I don’t know, and in a way that’s the Beaty of littleBits, there’s so much to build and make that at this point, I have no idea!!:wink: I will try upload any new inventions I come across, so we’ll have to wait and see.:grinning:

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Hey everyone! I’m very new to littleBits, I just ordered a few kits! And I’m hoping I can build a few “haunted house activities.” with them. I’m definitely going to be asking lots of questions! :smiley:

Hiya, @Eidrog! I agree it’s never too early to start designing electronic Halloween props! I suggest you start a new topic under Project Buzz with a Halloween type title and an overview of the types of activities you’re considering. I expect that will be a very popular and long running thread. :jack_o_lantern:

Here are some “Halloween” themed littleBits projects. Happy Haunting!

Ciao a Tutti,
I am La Tata Robotica from Italy :it: .
I joined the chapters community few days ago.
I started this year to organize events and laboratories for kids, here in my city, Carpi.
Thank you for all of your contributes, you guys are amazing makers! I am learning day by day from you.
What I would like to do is to try to introduce LittleBits and creative electronics, in such different places, also unexpected…

Have a nice day!
All the best :yellow_heart:
La Tata Robotica

Welcome @LaTataRobotica! Thank you for adding yourself to the Bitster map! :smile: As you can see, we have @HackLab_Terni in Italy. Check out the wide variety of interesting projects on their project page: http://littlebits.cc/users/hacklab-terni

I’d like to also introduce you to @ValentinaC, who is originally from Italy. She hosted an awesome workshop with kids. They created their own interactive T-shirts! http://littlebits.cc/projects/interactive-t-shirt

I hope to see you all at the :arrow_right: Community Call :arrow_left: , which is tomorrow at noon EST! It’s a great way to make friends and share ideas. :smile: This month’s topic is Curriculum Design.

Moin Moin (as they say in Hamburg),
My name is Jeremy and I’m leading the new chapter here in Hamburg, Germany. I came to Germany by way of Minnesota where I grew up listening to the Replacements and skating vert ramps. This was quite a long, long while ago…

My background is in design (graphic and interaction) where I studied in Wisconsin, Germany and Ivrea, Italy. Ivrea was also where I met Massimo of Arduino. This was pre-Arduino so our prototyping platforms were the Basic Stamp and Wiring.

So, now I’m in Hamburg looking forward to bringing littlebits to those with the will to bridge the digital and physical divide.

Welcome, @jeremytai! I’d like to introduce you to @matthiasmwolf, who joined us for the Community Call today from the side of the Autobahn. :car: :smile:
Here’s a taste of home for you: https://youtu.be/vBCJmTqEwUI?t=1m37s

Servus @jeremytai,

nice to meet you. I am the chapter leader in Munich. If you need help just let me know.

We’re having our opening event in Munich on June 20th called Bits’n’Beatz. Need more information? Check it out here: www.bits-n-beatz.de

Looking forward to connecting with you.




Hello. My name is Chris. I have found littleBits to be an amazing device for any engineer, such as myself, and I am happy to chatting with my fellow littleBits lovers!

Hello. My name is Chris. I have found littleBits to be an amazing device for any engineer, such as myself, and I am happy to chatting, sharing ideas, having fun with my fellow littleBits lovers!

Hello everyone! I’m a software engineer by trade and am just now attempting to get into electronics. I went to the Maker Faire in San Mateo a few weeks ago and it really sparked my interest. While I don’t remember seeing LittleBits at the faire, I decided to purchase the SmartHome kit and start tinkering. I also found a Radio Shack near me that was closing. They didn’t have any kits there but I bought every single LittleBits component they had (for 60% off!) so now I’ve got a huge range of things I can create. I’m especially interested in combinations with the cloudBit and Arduino module.

I have a daughter that’s a year and a half old, so I’m hoping she’ll show an interest in making as well and I can introduce LittleBits to her when she’s a little older.

Hi, there, Chris @lifetheone9; we’re happy to meet you! :smile: What sort of engineer are you, and what sort of things would you like to make with littleBits?

Welcome, @kgtarou! :smile: Please take a moment to add yourself to the Bitster map or join a Chapter, so we can put you in touch with other Bitsters in your area. :earth_americas:

Your interests make me think you might enjoy designing a mash up of these two projects: :cloud: :bitstar: + :baby: :musical_note:

If you have an idea for a project, please feel free to start a new topic under the Project Buzz category. I’m sure some new friends will join in to add their 2 cents. :smile:

Hi nice to join the community

Thx I would love to share some ideas

Hi @chloeatplay & @JackANDJude !
How are you? :smiley:

Thanks @JackANDJude! :slight_smile:

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Hi, @mohsh! Can you tell us something about yourself? For instance, what kinds of things do you like to make? While you’re here, please take a moment to add yourself to the Bitster Map or join a Chapter. :smile:

Hey everyone, I’m Scott.

I am proud geek and maker! Ever since I was little I was drawn to tech and loved sharing the things I would build with my friends. Everyone is creative they just need to find their true outlet and mine happened to be building and tech.

I work at an ad agency that has worked with littleBits on a few campaigns and that is actually how I was introduced to them. It was love at first sight. Ever since then I have been a big advocate want to help spread the word.

When I went to Anime Boston earlier this year, I built a prop ( http://littlebits.cc/projects/aladdin-s-lamp-cosplay-prop ) and whenever people would ask me how I built it I would rave about how easy it was to do when working with littleBits!

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