Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Welcome, @Scott_pdp, you sound like an inventor! Check out the Bitlab, where you can make suggestions for “DreamBits” you want, vote for modules submitted by other inventors, and even submit bits you design! :smile:

I’d like to introduce you to @chris101. He’s also a teacher, and he’s currently developing his own sensor. You can follow his work in progress here: Purple People Eater.

Hi there, @ErikElectricBits! I love engineering too! What sort of things do you think you might make? :smile:

I generally don’t post a lot on forums but thought I would introduce myself. My name is Ehud and I am “late in life” maker. I am on the executive of our local makerspace (founding member) and a school teacher working with students with special needs.

One of the things that brought me to littleBits is that I believe I can use them with my students (who often have interests in electronics, robotics, etc. but lack the academic skills to tackle them in the traditional manner). As well, I am supporting the founding of a makerspace at my high school.

I do consider myself an early stage maker and have not yet found my “groove” but my interests include 3D printing (with an interest in lost PLA casting), Japanese Braiding (called kumihimo), Processing, photography, and reading. I am currently pursuing using tools and optics for making art.

I will not be able to join the monthly Community Call (maybe in the summer) as it occurs during my work time.

Hey Scott! (@Scott_pdp) Sounds like you have a summer project all cut out! The good thing about being self-funded is that you don’t have a bean-counter telling you how to teach. I’m sure you can put together some fine projects with the three kits you have. I got my physics instructors excited with just the synth kit! Now if only they would come out with the oscilloscope bit already!

So on your list of bits you want to see: a data logging bit: I have been playing with interfacing Vernier (popular educational data logging hardware and software) devices with littleBits. Turns out it’s easy-peasy, cause like littleBits, Vernier runs on a 5 volt analog signal line (for some of their stuff.) A moisture sensitive bit - there is one in the bit-lab, under review right now! A booster bit - do you mean to increase the voltage to +5 volts? And finally a 6 DOF bit. I don’t know what that is. :smile:

Anyway, it is a pleasure to meet you, thanks to Jude (@JackANDJude) for the intro. Keep us up on what you are doing, especially with your proto kit!

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Hi Bitsters!

Kit from the UK here. I’ve been based out in China for the last 7 years. I’m now setting up a future tech education business with a few friends in Chengdu and maybe later Beijing. Really excited about both learning more about potential projects and building an active and exciting community. Maker education is pretty new in China so lots of potential for growth!

Cheers all!

Welcome, @Intuidata! I love your idea to stage synth bits with a tin can organizer. I’ll plug it for you here: http://littlebits.cc/projects/tips-and-tricks

I’d like to introduce you to some bitsters who also love Synth and technology. Check out their stuff and please feel free to comment on posts! :smile:
@Jay757 : Drum (vibration) trigger?
@codewizard58: Codewizard58’s profile page is full of awesome synthy projects
@leo : Syntheory of Elements


Hi @borko_jovanovic :smile: Nice to meet you! Can you tell us about yourself and team? What sort of things do you hope to make with the Workshop kit? :bitstar: :mailbox_with_mail:

Hello @tobiaslarsson and @ehud_yaniv! Thanks for joining us! :smile: Have you met, @Jheuristic? He’s working on starting a chapter in the San Francisco makerspace, iHangar. Then there’s @SIMakerSpace (Jarred) in Staten Island.

I’d love to see all your makerspaces! Would anyone like to create a new topic under the Global Chapters category? Maybe something like “Tour My Makerspace”? What do you think? :wink:

G’Day, @FoxBlockhead! Australia is a big place, but littleBits can make it feel like a small world. Below are some Aussie bitsters! Click on their names to visit their profile.
Everyone, please say “Hi” to each other! :smile:
@dalerogers is the Chapter Lead in Canberra.
@Chrissyroun is from Adelaide. Chrissy, how is your library make-it space going?
@largerama is also from Adelaide!!! :arrow_left:
@jaffakatie, you’re from Australia too, right? What city?
Then there’s Gary, the Chapter Lead in Melbourne; his chapter has an event coming up on June 6th. :sunny:

If you haven’t done so already, please add yourselves to the Bitster Map. It’s a great way to meet other local bitsters! :smile:

Welcome @3D_Ke! Please take a moment to add yourself to the Bitster Map. It will help to put you in touch with other Bitsters in China, like @JohnLi who likes working with the cloudBit. :cloud: :bitstar: Also, we have Global Community Chapters program that might interest you. :smile:

Please feel free to start a new topic under the Project Buzz category for any project idea you might have, and then post the finished project with instructions and helpful resources to the Project Page. What sort of projects do you think you and your friends might like to make with littleBits?

I can imagine some exciting things can come out of the intersection of all your interests, @ehud_yaniv. Here are two projects that might inspire you:

We don’t have much time to prepare, so for our intro workshop this weekend we will do something simple like taking some old music boxes, removing the handles and attaching the DC motor and dimmer to it. It is May, the Music :notes: Month after all. We just got the kit, so any ideas on what to make will be highly appreciated.
As for the team, we have an architect, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, graphics designer and a commercial diver just hovering over the bits and scratching their heads at the moment :smile:

That’s an amazing team, @borko_jovanovic, and the music box idea sounds great! Here are a couple of my projects you can try, too: Crawler II bot (it works with or without the light sensor) and the Dentist Toys (use a button instead of a roller switch)


Very cool and now on my summer to do pile (a benefit of being a teacher). Thanks.

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Hello every one. I am Farid from Madrid, Spain. I am new in this world and looking for learning more from all of you. Would like to have some advice about how to start with little bits and what kits should I buy first. Also I would like to ask people from Europe their opinion or if they are using the Home Automation kit or it is an exclusive product for the US.
Cheers and looking forward to learn from all of you.

Hi Farid!

I started with the Synth kit, cause I love making noise. :smile:

The problem with the Home Automation kit in Europe is that it is designed for 110 volt AC electricity that we have here in the US. There is a thread about efforts to work around this limitation:

Hello bitWorld!

We are very excited and proud to start a new littleBits chapter in New Hampshire. We have been making a lot of models and have children make them through our classes at our center.

Cannot wait to announce our events and share our experiences with the community. Good to see such a variety and number of projects among the other chapters and members.

Looking forward to doing our bit :slight_smile: as we go…


  • Vasu

Thanks @nickweinberg, I’m glad to see I can be of help and make new friends along the way.

Hi @Yusuph it’ll be my pleasure to have a talk with you and see what we can make together and how we can help each other. Please let me know when you are available to have a talk and find the best time to do so.
Here is an example of what I’ve been working on http://littlebits.cc/projects/migreen-shapebit
Don’t doubt to contact me for anything, my email is manu_ar711@hotmail.com

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I signed up for the class and then (as often happens when nobody takes attendance) I got too busy at school and home to follow along. Hoping to get back into it now that things are slowing down for the Summer. I love littleBits and really hope to incorporate them into my class more often next year.

Welcome, @ichowmille! At the top of the forums, you can find the category drop down menu. You can browse around the different categories and try making something in response to a “Make” topic as well as adding to any of the “Discussion” topics. Then, of course, you can branch out and start a new topic under Project Buzz for a project you’d like to try. Since you’re into robotics, you might be interested in what @pcc (Peter) is doing. Maybe you’d like to check out his post “Creating a debonair drawing robot”, and leave a comment to say hi. :smile: It looks like a REALLY interesting direction to explore! :slight_smile: