Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Welcome Gena, thanks for connecting with us and sharing your interest in computer science. I hope you had a great TA experience. Did the camp use littleBits?

Hi all

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas to do the following? This is my first project working with Arduino and I need help!
I am using a 4 wire stepper motor (Nema 17 stepper motor 1.7 A).

My goal is to have a stepper be controlled by a button, I would like it so when you press the button it tells the stepper to move a certain amount of rotations.

If anyone can help that would be amazing!

Below are the parts that I currently have! Willing to purchase other parts if needed!

Parts list:
1 x CNC Shield Board
1 x Longruner UNO R3 Board
1 x 1.5m USB cable for R3 Board
3 x Nema 17 stepper motor 1.7 A (with bracket and screw)
3 x Mechanical Switch Endstop
3 x 3Pin 70cm Cable
4 x DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver
4 x Aluminum heatsink w/ 3M tape backing
1* 400 tie-points Breadboard
1* Power Supply Module
20* Female-to-male Dupont Wire
1* 65 Jumper Wire
1* Precision Potentiometer
1* Active Buzzer
1* IC 4N35
1* Passive Buzzer
1* Thermistor
1* IC 74HC595
5* Diode Rectifier (1N4007)
5* NPN Transistor (PN2222)
2* Photoresistor
10* Button
10* White LED
10* Yellow LED
10* Blue LED
10* Green LED
10* Red LED
10* 22pf Ceramic Capacitor
10* 104 Ceramic Capacitor
10* Resistor (10R)
10* Resistor (100R)
10* Resistor (220R)
10* Resistor (330R)
10* Resistor (1K)
10* Resistor (2K)
10* Resistor (5K1)
10* Resistor (10K)
10* Resistor (100K)
10* Resistor (1M)
1* Resistance Card
2* Pin header (40pin)
5* Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 50V)
5* Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V)

Hi, how do i post a topic?

Hello to all, I am Julie from the USA.

Hello Julie! I’m Leo from Argentina and I’m glad to welcome you and all the new members of this forum. I hope you make this place your own and find new friends and learnings, and I’m sure we all have things to learn from you. Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:

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Hello Duncan! Welcome. We’ve just relaunched the forum. Please review this post for user information: http://discuss.littlebits.cc/t/welcome-to-littlebits-discussions/25975

Adding a new topic should be available to you in your user profile. I’ll look into settings for you as well. Thanks!

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Welcome Julie, glad you joined us!

Hello my name is Susan Fisher and I am the Innovation Specialist for the largest private school in the country that just happens to be based here in Atlanta, Georgia. Most of my role is providing professional development for teachers which hopefully benefits the kiddos indirectly. Nothing better than seeing the faces of the little ones light up! Thanks Littlebits for giving me great tools to make the “magic” happen. Love those Code Kits! My username is fishergirl


Hello Everyone!
I am Trent and I am an Instructional Coach in Atlanta GA. I am all about building, playing, making, inventing, tearing down—rebuilding… and then getting to “traditional” instruction! Looking forward to learning and exploring with everyone else here!


Hi, I’m Justin, a computer scientist from Orange County, CA. My daughter and I have been working for several weeks on building a robotic guinea pig using parts from the Droid kit, an Arduino, a Makey Makey, and an MP3 player. We’ve written enough code to be able to make it squeak when you pet it (using recordings of our live guinea pig), and detect walls so it will turn. I’ll have some questions soon about controlling the DC motor, which doesn’t seem to actually stop when we tell it to. After that, I hope to share pictures and code. Before diving in, though, I wanted to introduce myself and what we’re working on. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to littleBits Forum, Susan! Glad to keep teachers and kids learning with STEM/STEAM classroom tools. :raised_hands:

Welcome Justin, we’re looking forward to seeing this invention and lots of people here to help you along the way. Please share it in “invention buzz” when you’re ready!

Hello there,

I’m Jeffrey Patrick. I’m a Computer Science Integration Teacher in Pittsburgh. I teach computer science and PBL to all students K-5. Glad to meet everyone here, and to learn from you all.


My name is Rose Freeman. I am a fifth grade teacher in Lake Oswego, OR. I have been using LittleBits with my classes for three years. Although we are self-contained classes, we have begun a period a week that we call Cerebral Diversity. During Cerebral Diversity, each teacher takes something that is near and dear to their hear and teaches it to one group of students at a time, rotating all three classes through in a month. I have always used LittleBits during this time to teach the invention cycle. It’s so fun to see what the kids come up with and how different each group is!


What a wonderful way to incorporate inventing and littleBits into your planning, Rose. Thanks so much for sharing and welcome to community. :purple_heart:

I’m Alan from Milton-Union Schools in Ohio. I teach K-5 STEM, Coding & Design. I see 700 students a week and we love exploring, creating and playing in our lab.

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Welcome Alan! :wave:

I’m Jennifer Keene, I spent 21 years the primary classroom. This year I have moved out of the classroom into a district Math and Science Coach position. My passion and drive has been getting young children involved in STEM. I am currently working with all seven of my elementaries to get STEM programming up and running and also create Makerspaces in each building. I look forward to get ideas and resources from you all.


Hi, @vicki_littleBits. I tried to create a topic in Invention Buzz to discuss our project, and was denied with a “You don’t have permission to view this resource.” I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, and would appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi everyone! :wave:
My name is Christy Ruffin. I teach Intro to Computer Science, Coding, and Robotics. I facilitate STEM Wars and Genius Hour as well in my building. I LOVE littleBits and have been using them for several years. I look forward to learning from you all and sharing what I’ve learned along the way!