Welcome to littleBits forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Hello everyone!
I am Ayesha and am planning to take on a few simple projects using simple coding and using Arduino I will try to come up with something new.(Hopefully)
It’s nice to be in this forum and I know you guys will help me out with any doubt that I have.

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Hi, I’m Robert. I’m disappointed at the Zero Tolerance e-mail and stance Ayah has taken. The Zero Tolerance policy that separated children from their “parents” existed long before President Trump took office. It’s being mega-phoned by the news now rather than when it started. And I say “parents” because many immigrating adults who are not related to the children still claim to be in order to improve their chances of immigration.

I voted for Obama twice. But I’ve gotten tired of “snowflakes” who jump to conclusions and are only now sensitive about how messed up the world is because they are upset about the single person who is president.

You just lost me as a customer because you clearly didn’t do your research, you over-reacted, and now you’re giving money to an organization that does things like claim school lockers are “private property” and cannot be searched - a policy that would make our schools more dangerous and unruly, except that, thankfully, teachers and administrators were smart enough to just eliminate lockers all together. (Watch, now the ACLU will sue the schools for not providing lockers, which in turn is a health risk to the kids having to carry too much stuff - nevermind the extra 20 pounds of fat they’re carrying because we’re already too soft on them.)

Finally, if you feel so strongly about this, why is there NO TOPIC here in the forums about it, and there’s no way to reply to Ayah’s blog post? I hope we’re not worried about having a REAL conversation - because I don’t like being lectured to without the ability to participate.

Thank you for your feedback on this. We’ll certainly share it with out team. You can relay any other feedback to support@littlebits.com.

Anyone know where to download the driver for the w30 ble or the code bit???

I am having heaps of trouble getting the dongle or bit to install and LittleBits isn’t helping me out much.


Locker searches are legislated by state and by school. The ACLU has a page regarding student privacy: https://www.aclu.org/other/students-your-right-privacy and various state chapters have additional information, e.g., https://www.aclunc.org/our-work/know-your-rights/searches-of-students. That’s what the ACLU says about lockers and privacy.

Regarding separation of families; there was never a law mandating separation. Even if there was a stated non-legal policy, it was rarely or ever done. The stated policy of separation is supposed to be a deterrent as stated by Kelly a few months after Trump took office. A modicum of research and archival searches explains this pretty easily.

Seems like the “snowflake” label works both ways sometimes.

Hello. I have just purchased a Droid Inventor Kit, even though I am over 9 years old. Therefore I am new to droids, littleBits, and this forum. So far my droid will move and make noises. I am having trouble downloading a voice message to my droid as described in the secret message mission of the introductory app. I suspect the problem is how I am attempting to use the “control panel” shown in the app. Any suggestions?

Just now I am quite concerned about naming my droid and am having a naming contest. The only rule is that the hame must make use of a R and a D in tribute to R2D2. An example of an acceptable name would be Rodney Dangerfield." Any votes?


H. my name is Mordechai and I run a maker space at our middle school in Boca Raton, Florida.

Hi Gang! I am new to LittleBits with my son. We have the Space Rover Inventor kit and its totally cool. Question that I could not locate in the forum… my Android bluetooth will not connect to the rover. The connection shows “rejected”. My Droid is version 7.0 (I just checked). Any thoughts on what may be going wrong? Thanks!


I am techie dad - do software for a living. Got a load of littlebits kits to play/learn with my daughter including The Avengers kit, the space rover, music and a number of the hall of fame kits. Before I start to make projects with my daughter, I wanted to test out the capabilities of the system myself. I’m very impressed … just one niggle and it might be my error. In the avengers app, it seems I can go into a scratch like environment and program code onto the BLE bit. This seemed amazing except there was no way to have a variable in the app. I tried Android and iOS … both versions of the app don’t support variable (as far as I can tell). Am I missing something obvious?? Thanks!!

Hi My name is Karen Fasino. I use Little Bits with 6th grade G&T students. Admittedly, these kiddos are much smarter than me especially when it comes to coding. A few students are having trouble uploading their code and were wondering if they have TOO much code to upload! Please advise.

could this help ?


hi my name is kalen ruffing

Hey folks, m y name is Casper from the Netherlands. Getting started with Littlebits and wanting to use them in workshops about interactive objects. Loving the synth kit too btw.

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Hi! I’m Gena. I only started working with littleBits about two weeks ago when I being a TA for a computer science camp over this summer. We work mostly with students in elementary and middle school.
I’m a junior in high school, and I’m looking to go into computer science or cyber security. Honestly, wherever my hobbies take me at this point.


Hi, I’m interested in electronics and programming, looking forward to working with you guys.

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Hi there! that sounds really cool.

Hi all

I’m Alex Xavier, I’m a food scientist working for an MNC called Kancor Mane, and I work in the global spice extraction department specializing in Ajowan extract. I wish I could get take and give some insights in this forum.
I’m happy to interact here.


Welcome Gena, thanks for connecting with us and sharing your interest in computer science. I hope you had a great TA experience. Did the camp use littleBits?

Hi all

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas to do the following? This is my first project working with Arduino and I need help!
I am using a 4 wire stepper motor (Nema 17 stepper motor 1.7 A).

My goal is to have a stepper be controlled by a button, I would like it so when you press the button it tells the stepper to move a certain amount of rotations.

If anyone can help that would be amazing!

Below are the parts that I currently have! Willing to purchase other parts if needed!

Parts list:
1 x CNC Shield Board
1 x Longruner UNO R3 Board
1 x 1.5m USB cable for R3 Board
3 x Nema 17 stepper motor 1.7 A (with bracket and screw)
3 x Mechanical Switch Endstop
3 x 3Pin 70cm Cable
4 x DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver
4 x Aluminum heatsink w/ 3M tape backing
1* 400 tie-points Breadboard
1* Power Supply Module
20* Female-to-male Dupont Wire
1* 65 Jumper Wire
1* Precision Potentiometer
1* Active Buzzer
1* IC 4N35
1* Passive Buzzer
1* Thermistor
1* IC 74HC595
5* Diode Rectifier (1N4007)
5* NPN Transistor (PN2222)
2* Photoresistor
10* Button
10* White LED
10* Yellow LED
10* Blue LED
10* Green LED
10* Red LED
10* 22pf Ceramic Capacitor
10* 104 Ceramic Capacitor
10* Resistor (10R)
10* Resistor (100R)
10* Resistor (220R)
10* Resistor (330R)
10* Resistor (1K)
10* Resistor (2K)
10* Resistor (5K1)
10* Resistor (10K)
10* Resistor (100K)
10* Resistor (1M)
1* Resistance Card
2* Pin header (40pin)
5* Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 50V)
5* Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V)

Hi, how do i post a topic?