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Hi! I am Nina Hubbard

Hi, I am Mary from Kansas. I just bought a Code Kit and Droid Inventor Kit to use in my classroom. I have never coded before, so I am learning along with the kids. If anyone has any great beginner lessons or tips to share that would be awesome.

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Hello, I am trying to discover if the Droid inventor kit part “control hub” and the app will work on a Chromebook (R11 touchscreen) with Bluetooth.
I see that Littlebits Code Kit which has the part “codebit” works with Chromebooks, but the droid inventor kit information does not cover use with Chromebooks. The device does have the playstore and is running Android 7.1.1.
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Hi, I’m vivitern from Cuba, Please give me a hand

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I’m Yuval from Israel. I’m a cyber security solutions architect, a software developer (python, .Net, SQL, JavaScript and some others). A friend showed me his collection of LittleBits a few years ago and I got hooked… So simple and yet so powerful… Amazing!

I bought a kit for my 14 years old son (he was 11 or 12 at the time) and… found myself playing with it alone… (-;
I used the cloudbit and the servo motor to control my water heater at our apartment and wrote some python code that allowed me to control it remotely via Telegram messages and to set a schedule that turned on or off the boiler.

Due to the fact that our Internet connection is sometimes unstable and unreliable, I started thinking of improving this solution by replacing the cloudbit with the wireless receiver bit and create another circuit with the wireless transmitter and arduino bit so that I would be able to control that servo motor from the PC even without Internet connection. If you have any ideas or if what I just wrote is un-doable - please let me know…



I am a beginning level Arduino, littleBits user that is trying to learn how to use both in order to teach my students how to use both. Linking programming to physical objects is my focus at the moment. I am currently working on building a remote control car from scratch. I have figured out code to move the DC Motors in one direction (forward) using a switch but I cannot find sample Arduino code that will reverse the direction of the DC motor so the car can move backwards. I have button bit, slide dimmer, and variable switch.

Welcome @JMcDowell :slight_smile: I started a new topic under Arduino & Programming for your project where Bitsters can chime in with their help and you can update us with progress.

My name is Matt. I have a droid kit. I am a complete neophyte and need help troubleshooting issues. I can’t even figure out how to post a question to the troubleshooting forum!

Hi, my son (Aaron) and I really enjoy our littlebits. We saw them at an Hour of Code event at my son’s elementary school. Santa bought him 2 kits, and then enjoyed them so much Santa had to buy one for himself. :wink:
Joseph Elwell.


Programmer and father of two girls. Bought this to teach them a bit about tech, been doing all kinds of projects with them.

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Hello I am Fred. I teach grades 6-8, this is my first year using Little Bits. We have a large school kit, however there re no wheels or gears etc. I was hoping I would find some wheels and gears on your site to purchase, or advice on wheels / gears that work easily with little bits.

My students love Little bits, I had a few students thank me yesterday (we just started). He said, thank you so much for a fantastic 45 minutes at school. I feels so good to hear students enjoying school, I am definitely going to make little bits a big part of my Tech Exploration class.

Hi everyone, I am Taharica from Indonesia. I’m 2D Illustrator and have job as IT staff. Now, I learning about Arduino and want to make weather station with Arduino and Data logger (Data logger from loggerindo.com) project. I’m make this project for my thesis I hope can learn from here :smile

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Hi, I joined mainly because I have a servo problem, but I can see this is an interesting community that will inspire us to try new t hings with littlebits

Hello everyone,

I’m from Belgium.

I’m a total newbie to all this Littlebits stuff.

Found it while searching something similar and these littlebits seem easy enough for even a total newbie,
to make something with it.

I also don’t have any coding skills, so that too will be a big challenge, but I’m up for it !!

Hopefully I will find the info/help on the forum for my first project that I have in mind.


I’ve made a topic regarding my project

Look for it here Sound Sensor activated Mp3 player

Hello everyone!
I am Ayesha and am planning to take on a few simple projects using simple coding and using Arduino I will try to come up with something new.(Hopefully)
It’s nice to be in this forum and I know you guys will help me out with any doubt that I have.

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Finally, if you feel so strongly about this, why is there NO TOPIC here in the forums about it, and there’s no way to reply to Ayah’s blog post? I hope we’re not worried about having a REAL conversation - because I don’t like being lectured to without the ability to participate.

Thank you for your feedback on this. We’ll certainly share it with out team. You can relay any other feedback to support@littlebits.com.

Anyone know where to download the driver for the w30 ble or the code bit???

I am having heaps of trouble getting the dongle or bit to install and LittleBits isn’t helping me out much.