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Hi, I’m Ant from the UK, I’m a low level tinkerer and maker,and a dad and uncle who likes to show kids how things work. I’ve run and helped run Hackdays for 8 yrs in the UK, including what was the largest ever with the BBC and Yahoo (I flew rockets there). I’ve been part of the team running Brighton Mini Maker Faire for a few years - it’s the biggest maker faire in Europe, and I heartily encourage anyone with an interest in making to come along - it’s awesome.

Right now I am getting a ‘Hack Cafe’ set up at 68 Middle Street for the Brighton Digital Festival - the festival runs through the month of September, and the Hack Cafe will be open the whole time as a drop in space for people of all levels to come and get great coffee and have a play with littlebits. We’ll have workshops too (hopefully with the help of the Build Brighton team, but we’re open to any chapter or group talking to us about running events in the space).

I’m not pedagogic or electronics expert, but I’ve found LittleBits to be a wonderfully inspirational shared space to explore with young people, and I’m really excitied at setting up a very ‘easy access’ hack space using these tools.

If I could be any bit… the envelop from the Korg set - messig things up in interesting ways.


@meeware so stellar to meet you today. :smile:

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Hi @meeware great to see you today! I ll go ahead and introduce myself too :slight_smile: I’ m Chloe and I m based in New York. I wrangle the littleBits Community and love designing playful experiences and tinkering with things i know little about. If I was a bit…hmm I would be a wirebit- connecting others and helping them expand their possibilities and reach.


Hello Awesome Awesome Bit’sters!

I’m Calvin, aka #MR#STEAM of the littleBits Community, and I’ve been involved with littleBits for over a year now!! I’m from St. Louis, MO but I currently live in Chattanooga, TN. I’ve been fascinated with littleBits even before I received the opportunity to meet Ayah Bdeir! I saw the infinite possibilities of littleBits and fell in love with them! I learned about Ayah and littleBits through a multicultural director of my college in 2013. She was intrigued with Ayah, and since I was President of a Robotics Club at the time, she asked if it would be awesome if we could invite Ayah to present littleBits as a speaker. Long story short, we built a tiger for her arrival using littleBits, we received an opportunity to visit the company in NY, I became a littleBits Community Pro Leader, and the rest is still in motion! I currently help the community within the Forum with Project Ideas and Troubleshooting their Modules!

If I could be a littleBit, I would be the Number Module. With the press of an input, I could go 0 to 100 (99 in Bit Terms) Real Quick! [Drake Voice] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIaEc8CLfPk&list=RDEIaEc8CLfPk :wink:

I’ve always been fascinated with inventing things and littleBits is my avenue! My favorite invention is the Gumball Machine! Definitely look forward to collaborating with you all and viewing what you build!

Happy Making!


Hey @MR_STEAM I’ve been reading your super-helpful posts to others–thanks for your awesome vibe :smile:

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Bonjour crew!

I’m Vanessa, reporting from Philadelphia, PA. You can find me drawing comics, on a yoga mat or at Indy Hall in Old City.

Bit of Choice:

I’d be the fork bit: I wear several hats and run lots in parallel. I’m the Learning Lead for Peer 2 Peer University, where we build learning communities on the web: https://p2pu.org/en/


My name is Rich Born. I have been working with littleBits for nearly two years now. My primary interest is in the use of littleBits in junior high and senior high school science, math and computer science education. I have uploaded quite a few projects making use of the Arduino module in conjunction with doing experiments in physics. I have also prepared five lessons dealing with the logic modules and how they can be used to learn computer science related circuits. Finally, I have prepared several projects making use of the Cloud bit and IFTTT.

If I could be a bit, it would be a toss up between the Cloud bit (I am a dreamer), and the Arduino bit (I enjoy programming).


Hi everyone! I’m Jude. I’m still in the exploration phase of learning how to express myself with electronics, and I’m not sure if there is an end goal! Fortunately, littleBits provided me with a low threshold to learn and prototype.

You might think I like hacking littleBits the modules, but the truth is I hack littleBits the company. I test their limits and push their buttons, and I can honestly say they’re the real deal. Any other company would have sent me a cease and desist letter a year ago.

As I said on the community call, I’m an artist and stay at home mom of 8 year old Jack. My BA is in Psychology and Computer Science, and I have an MBA in Organizational Behavior. My projects range from sincerely useful to completely wacky: http://littlebits.cc/users/jackandjude

If I had to be a bit, it would be one that doesn’t exist yet, 'cause I’m super inventive.


Hi everyone,

I am Anmol from Incredible India :stuck_out_tongue: Although I am a front-end developer by job, mechanical engineer by degree, artist and designer by love, I am a tinkerer at heart! I love to mix things up and coming up with something new. I have been playing and learning with littlebits and IoT for 3 months. I am continuously trying to push it as far as possible. Already kids and adults are coming up with so many new playful stuffs, I am trying to explore the other end of spectrum with littlebits i.e. prototyping business products. I am also a Ruby programmer and have made some projects with Ruby and littlebits. Last week I spoke at a conference on that. Recently, I am obsessed with learning systems and hopefully will start working on that soon.

If I were to be a bit, I would be an led. They are simple but still can do a lot of things. Plus they are colorful and I love led shows.

I am really happy to be a part of this community full of explorers, tinkerers, pioneers :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

Im Philip Verbeek from the Netherlands and I study Mechatronics. I love to make things work, make things move or make things blink. First I was totally into the LEGO technic kinda stuff but lately I’m also into the engineering of electronics or mechanical interactions. I love love Arduino, FTW;)

If I were a Bit I think I would the Proto-Bit because with that Bit the possibilities are endless.

I also make music: I play piano and trumpet. Also I really like to listen to music, especially movie soundtracks. Another hobby of me is filming and editing.
Combine those 3 hobbies and you have a new hobby.

Check out my site for more fun projects: http://pv-productions.com/


hello! I’m Mac and I live in Charlottesville, VA in the USA. I’m 72, retired from teaching at UVa and local community college. I am getting into LilBits because of curiosity and will introduce them to my two grandsons.
If I were a component, I guess I would be a LED so I could find my way.


Hello! I’m Will and I’m from Toronto, ON Canada (First things first, we DO NOT live in igloos). I’m 12 and found out about littleBits from a friend. I’m in grade 6 but I find it’s way to easy. I love to code, game, read, learn, clean, skate, and much more! I’m a grammar and spelling freak. I love play with the littleBits and in the process of make a 1-way car, Alarm Clock, and a train station. I’m quit a noob at coding my Arduino so I’ll be on it’s troubleshooting a lot :stuck_out_tongue: . If I was a bit I’d be the Arduino so I could be different from all the others :smiley: . See you around!


Current kits: Arduino Coding Kit, Basic Kit


Hi everyone,
I am John from China. I am playing with cloudBit kit, Arduino kit and Space kit.

I am an App Developer and running a small startup company to create Apps, we creating App for mobile devices and Mac. I’d like to find more programable bit from littleBit, I have released a simple Android App “Remote Control for cloudBit” to control your cloudBit. If you like it, there will be more coming.

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Hi ! I’m Mikael, from Strasbourg, France.
I’m a Design student (mainly graphic & interactive design but I also tend to make some product design).

Unfortunatly I haven’t been able to test out littlebits, but I would love to ! We are trying things out and exploring electronics with different boards. In February we are going to host an event around diy | electronics | creation during two days. It’s called Les Hackteliers (website in french, sorry)
For My Master Degree this year I’m working around the topic of diy electronics.

Happy Making & Design ! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody!
I am Valentina, I am originally from Italy, but I live and work in London.

I am currently working as a Support Engineer for Learning Innovation, but I will start a new job soon… And I will work more closely around MakerEd. My background is in Educational Sciences, so it’s mainly pedagogical, but I enjoy technologies!

I have attended several Makers events across Europe (Maker Faires and Fab10), I collaborate from time to time with local makers here in London and I am interested in the way MakerEd could revolutionise formal education. I prototyped an example of touch sensor bit, before it was released bit Bare Conductive and littleBits - of course!

If I could be a bit… I’d love to be the Neopixel string bit… Because I love colours! So thank you @Philip_Verbeek for creating it!

I am glad to be part of this amazing community and I look forward to collaborating with you!

Have a lovely “maker” day!


@ValentinaC , I enjoyed your interactive t-shirt activity. Yesterday I put together a touch sensor for my bunny to test. Here’s an unlisted link to her 5 second test: http://youtu.be/Bl6ebK9ccJQ

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Hi, thank you very much! It’s really appreciated!
Nice vid. I would like to learn more about it :slight_smile:


My name is Paul and I am from the US. I am a math teacher at a learning center and I bought little bits to help show, understand and mostly respect the electronic devices that they were born with. I want to facilitate their imagination as much as I can but I am having a difficult time finding lesson plans for young kids. Granted, I only have a few boxes of this amazing littleBits. I would love any feedback towards how you began your first few classes and what routes did you take. I am thinking of taking the route of designing and making the design every week to see if it works. I work with kids of all ages from 2nd graders all the way up to high school.

I am looking forward to learning from all of you guys!


I’m thinking of giving bunny various touch pads at her favorite places to investigate; maybe each touch pad would make a different acoustic noise or a different audio file of what we imagine she is thinking. I found the larger the piece of foil, the farther away I can turn it on. So it will turn on even if she comes close to the foil without touching.