Welcome to bitCraft!

Welcome to the home of all resources bitCraft! This is a place to post questions, introduce yourself, talk about your projects, and nerd out on all things Minecraft and littleBits. If this is your first time on the forums, take a sec to introduce yourself to us here!

What is bitCraft? Do I have to buy it?

The [bitCraft mod][1] allows you to connect your littleBits with Minecraft using the CloudBit and redstone. This means you can press a button in the real world with littleBits and have it activate a redstone lamp in Minecraft. Or have a Minecraft pressure plate active a littleBits buzzer.

NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY IT :slight_smile: This is not an official product. We made this as an in-house side project because we love Minecraft and we love littleBits. We wanted to see what would happen when you put the two together and we think the initial results are pretty cool.

Ok, I totally want to play! What do I need to get started?

You need the bitCraft mod [(fine here)][2], the cloudBit, and a few extra input and output bits. Right now, bitCraft only works on Mac and PC, but we'll be working on expanding to other platforms soon.

I've never played Minecraft. Will you teach me how?

There are a ton of resources on the interwebs that were developed specifically for this reason. Here are a few that we like:

If you have others you like, please post them in the Minecraft/Redstone resources topic.

I love Minecraft, but I've never used bits. How do I get started?

First, choose a kit. For bitCraft, we recommend the [cloudBit Starter Kit][13] or the [Gizmos & Gadgets Kit][14] (you will need to purchase a [cloudBit][15] separately). Next, try building one of the sample projects that comes with the kit or go to our [Invent page][16] and build a project you like. Or you can just jump straight into bitCraft - see our [**Getting Started Guide**][17].

I am a master of both!

If you are a bitCraft ninja, spread the knowledge and :heart:. Visit the [bitCraft Troubleshooting topic][18] and answer a question to help someone out.

Something is not working. What should I do?

First, take a look at the FAQs. Chances are you will find the answers you need there :thumbsup:

If it is a cloudBit issue, take a look at the cloudBit topic in the troubleshooting section.

If it is a Minecraft question, look at the Minecraft Wiki or search other forum sites.

Otherwise, post your questions to the bitCraft topic in the Troubleshooting forums. We believe in a collaborative problem solving process. Work with each other to find a solution - there are a bunch of folks who have a ton of experience and want to help!

I found a bug - who do I let know?

Woohoo! We love it when you find bugs because it means we get to make the mod even better. Post a description to this forum page.

I want feedback on a project.

Great! Head on over to the [Project Buzz][23] section and tell us about it! We are big believers in sharing project ideas early and getting feedback that will make them even better. Plus we <3 getting inspired by you :)

I’d like a peek under the hood.

We’re open-source too! If you want a peek at the code that makes it all work, head over to the [Github repo][24].
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