Webinar Training: How to Host an Intergalactic Global Makeathon Event

littleBits is gearing up for another GLOBAL MAKEATHON the weekend of December 11-13. This time we’re going beyond global - we’re going intergalactic here folks.

Sign up HERE for one of the webinars (same info, different times):

  1. Thursday, November 19 at 7pm EST
  2. Friday, November 20 at noon EST
  3. Friday, December 4 at noon EST

Starting November 19th, we’re launching our holiday design challenge to celebrate the launch of the new Star Wars movie! (Yes, we are the biggest nerds and superfans ever. Evidence is below. I’m the ewok :slight_smile: )

We are keeping the details of the challenge under Artoo lock and key until November 19th, but let’s just say you might want to break out the costumes and cameras. There will be prizes a-plenty, celebrity judges, and plenty of opportunities for us to celebrate your inventions along the way. And puns. O will there ever be puns.

The Global Makeathon is December 11-13 and we want you to be a part of it! That’s why we’re leading two webinars to arm you with the tips, trick, and skillz to host the ultimate event. We will talk event planning and coordination, learning design, workshop customization, and more. If you have any specific topics you would like to cover, please reply to this post or in the sign up form. Your feedback is invaluable as we prep these types of events :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Until then, may the P1 force be with you.


Hi all! It’s been great touching base with folks at the first two webinars! :slight_smile: Since there were so many great resources shared amongst us so far, I thought I’d reshare some parts of our chat here - it’s a digest mainly due to formatting challenges & bundling of topics. Feel free to @name someone if you think they’d also like these resources! :slight_smile:

Chat + Tips & Tricks from Webinar 2

Bridget M Tips & Tricks—Lots of power strips! Especially with cloudbits!
Bridget M http://littlebits.cc/bit-wars-global-makeathon-resources

Leo S tip: make everyone feel welcome and important. ask for opinions

Event planner websites, like meetup.com
Pete H dabble.com is a free event planner
JackANDJude Should we overbook with attrition in mind?
Pete H yes

SOLE toolkit, by Sugata Mitra … + Design Thinking
Tamas S FYI: SOLE toolkit rules for how to have kids work in groups:
Tamas S https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/school-in-the-cloud-production-assets/toolkit/SOLE_Toolkit_Web_2.6.pdf
JackANDJude Anyone have tips for kids working in teams?
Tamas S I’ve just posted a link
Tamas S see page 7 of the SOLE toolkit
JackANDJude Thanks, Tamas!
Tamas S JackANDJude 1) Students are given a big question or are challenged to think of their own 2) Students choose their own groups and can change groups at any time 3) Students can move around freely, speak to each other and share ideas 4) Students can explore in any direction that they choose: there may be no single right answer 5) Groups are expected to present what they have learned at the end of the session
Leo S :slight_smile:
Bridget M Design Thinking rocks!
Bridget M Here’s a great resource for educators:
Tamas S this is the best guide: http://dschool.stanford.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/METHODCARDS-v3-slim.pdf
Tamas S see the method cards… how to facilitate brainstorming JackANDJude :slight_smile:

BitWars Workshop Guide: Design Thinking by @lizabits

Q: Can we use Star Wars clips in our projects? A: No, but watch for inspiration! :slight_smile:
Tamas S where you get star wars movie clips from?
JackANDJude You make them yourself, Tamas . Sound, background, all of it!
Tamas S don’t you play clips for the kids at the beginning of the workshop? Tamas S I guess that’s “fair use” anyways
Chloe V tamas that is a great idea, definetely recommend it

Gearing towards College Kids & Physical Construction
Namir A This is great guys! Really helpful … any thoughts on gearing this towards college kids 17 - 20 year olds?
Pete H A great advanced material to build with is 'Plastruct" styrene plastic shaped parts available from art stores or on the web
Pawel L Namir A give them tools
Chloe V maybe older kids will be really into making the film
Pawel L more hard core tools
Chloe V OR alternatively, having them geek out more with 3D and interface design JackANDJude Yeah!
Chloe V Thingiverse has many free sketches for lightsabers and such
Chloe V Namir ^
Donna S Challenge them to use Recycled materials … Awesome and free! haha!
Namir A Awesome, thanks for the great ideas!

Using Star Wars Lego Props + 3D Printing, too
Duarte S Hi guys! I want to use StarWars Lego props in the workshops that we are planing, I am still researching cool ideas to interact the Bits with the Legos. Any suggestions on how to do it?
Sabine E K :slight_smile:
Tamas S Duarte please share on the forum when you find some
Chloe V +1 duarte
JackANDJude “Bits & Legos go together like Oreos & Milk” HA lizabits! Chloe V duarte https://littlebits.cc/accessories/brick-adapter

Donna S I’d also see some ideas with legos and little bits!
Leo S we’re going to offer lots of ikitoi (http://ikitoi.com/) to create costumes and spaceships or anything
Tamas S I’m interested in 3D printable models that allow DC motor and servo be connected to Lego… please share if you have
Chloe V oh!! leo i love iktoi
Chloe V Yes Tamas
Duarte S thank you guys! :slight_smile: Tamas I will for sure :wink:
Chloe V http://littlebits.cc/tips-tricks/3d-printed-parts-and-accessories
Chloe V tamas some 3D files here ^
JackANDJude duarte , we have a tips & tricks for using littleBits with Legos

Tamas S thx

Nick W Q: What has been the most challenging things you’ve experienced in hosting events before?

Pawel L        to get bits :D
Moonlighter M        BitWars!
Pete H        Melt down when a child realizes that he has to give the bits back.....
Leo S        yes, buenos aires
Moonlighter M        Yea Pete
Chloe V        thats a common one pete
Tamas S        securing a location is still challenging... 'cos I'm starting out just now
Donna S        keeping parents from taking over the kids projects.
Chloe V        I find that posting to the project page takes away some of that sorrow
Pawel L        i know
Donna S        and having enough bits. :)
Leo S        yes, they are replicating themselves
Sabine E K        having all teams be finished with their ideas that they wanted to do
Pawel L        they will arrive at 11/26
Pete H        I now explain that "Its like the Library, you have to return the bit"
Pawel L        so just on time
JackANDJude        They can show off their invention to friends if it's documented. :)
Chloe V        I would phrase it as "littleBits are the tools to build your masterpiece"
Pete H        :)
Chloe V        then the masterpiece is the film ;)
Leo S        thanks nick and liza!
Tamas S        I tried advertising in school the Halloween _prank_ and the secretary freaked out from the word
Duarte S        I have the idea that every child should take something home after a workshop. What I try is for them to take with them a part of the project. for exemple If we build a treasure chest with littlebits, they can take the treasure chest with them
Tamas S        working on it :)
JackANDJude        Great idea, duarte !
Chloe V        duarte brilliant idea

Coffee Shop Workshop?
Tamas S has anyone ran workshops in coffee shops?
Chloe V I have!
Pete H Barns and Noble?
Duarte S JackANDJude Chloe Thank you!
Pawel L probably depending on manager
Tamas S lol
Cheeky K Advise kids to bring their Lego pieces along.
Chloe V littleBits pair nicely with espresso :wink:

Webinar 1 Attendees
Vanessa M
Diego @drthuler
Jason C
Gretchen G.
Chuck Toussieng @chuckt
Melba V
Randy @rseldomridge
Brainchild Workshop (Veronica)

Webinar 2 Attendees
@leo from Bariloche, Argentina,
@bridget & @jakilevy, who recently teamed up to make a tweet-o-meter in Barcelona!
@pawel L
@elkahi_sabine from Lebanon
Tamas @Sic from Vancouver
Jennifer M from Decatur Illinois
Cheeky Kidz (Silvio from Adelaide Australia)
@moonlighter from Miami
Namir @n1ahmed from Ryerson U. Toronto
Duarte S
Mike G
Yi Sun From San Diego
Violeta G M from Madrid
Donna S,
Peter C
@Macinspires (Travis of Larchmont & Greenwich)
Duarte Santos
Areej F