Watch some 360 VR video from my latest event!

Hey fellow bitsters!

Check out the the latest 360 VR video I made from my recent visit with an elementary school here in California. Its pretty neat!


Watch it on your cell phone for the best experience!!! Thanks for sharing, @mmalpartida! :slight_smile: Can you tell us more about your visit?

Very cool with the kids in the middle and you on each side. Great pre-editing!

Recording in 360 is still new to me but I have noticed that certain embeds show the split video while others give you the correct vr type experience. Try the direct link below:

Thanks @chris101

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Sure @JackANDJude , originally I was invited to present to 1 kindergarten class but then word got around in the school and I ended up with 4 classes, which was definitely more of a challenge to maintain engagement. I had also planned a live stream, however I dont think I had good reception so that didnt quite work out, but I was able to capture the video you see during the last segment of my demo. What seems to really excite the kids are the demos that bring life to inanimate objects. This is my 4th time providing tech demos like the one shown and the really cool thing is that Ive shown this to Kindergartners as well as 5th graders and the reactions are pretty close.

This is sorta my rough outline (class interactions and reactions alter things as I go):

  • Introduction to the electronics around us (tvs, toys, etc)
  • Breakdown of sample devices (flashlights, alarm systems)
  • Recreating devices with littleBits (intro to bits)
  • Building more complicated devices (Puppets, robots)
  • Review
  • Hands on
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