Volunteers at MakerFaire SF

For those unfamiliar with MakerFaire, it’s part science fair, part county fair and part something entirely new. MakerFaire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Bay Area MakerFaire so we are planning something very special.

We’re looking for volunteers to come join the fun and help us during the two day event. You will get to know and work with engineers, designers and musicians from our littleBits team + GET A $150 GIFT CARD!

If you can commit to working with us for a day, please sign up using this link: https://docs.google.com/a/littlebits.cc/forms/d/1fBW6InuGGWhN2XDAfrvjNBJAhu8ie6NlNbuuWise9q0/viewform?c=0&w=1.

Hope you can make it!

Hi @nickweinberg, it will be hard to commit for the whole day because I have already committed to the Maker Fair Traveler Program, but I am willing to help for 2-3 hours on Saturday. I am a 38 years kid and an electrical engineer with deep passion for STEM toys. I am playing with Arduino for a while and discovering littleBits with the Smart Home and Arduino Kits. I have already posted my first littleBits project, a simplified version of one of my Arduino’s projects.
My best,

Hi @henrique007 – thanks so much for writing and offering to help. We’re really looking for someone who can commit an entire day. You should still make sure you stop by the booth and say hello to the team!

What was the project you created?

Hi @nickweinberg,
I will be there. I just realize my project may not be in the right place. I have just post it inside a discussion blog. I will check if I can change my schedule at Maker Fair Traveler Program to have a whole day with you there.
See you there

Hi, @nickweinberg. Wish to join but worry my fluent to have demo. I will attend Maker Faire 2015 Bay Area from Taiwan and will stop by LittleBits for sure. One of my purpose this time is to buy some bits for my planning activities. Is it possible to buy at Maker Farie? This is my first time to attend Maker Faire.

@ProArtisan We’d love to have you come by and check out the booth. Make sure to introduce yourself and say hello.

We will be selling the Cloudbit Starter Kit, Smart Home Kit, Base Kit, Premium Kit, Deluxe Kit, Arduino Coding Kit, Synth Kit, Hardware Development Kit, Makey Makey, Wire, DC Motor, Microphone, p1 Power, USB Power, Arduino, Pressure Sensor, Fan, MIDI.

@nickweinberg Thanks for your information. See you there and will share some detail about my planning to start a Chapter in Taipei. Only hope you will not too busy during the faire. By the way, I will be there on Friday@MakerFaire. Will you be there on Friday?

@ProArtisan I unfortunately will not be at Maker Faire, however @chloeatplay will!

We have just announced our special project we created specifically for Maker Faire SF! http://littlebits.cc/arcade

Check it out, @ProArtisan, @henrique007, @SIMakerSpace, @jheuristic!

Bravo!. Looks great. .

The arcade is great! So as the LittleBits booth at Maker Faire Bay Area.

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@ProArtisan Happy you enjoyed it! Did you play and get a lollipop?

I look forward to speaking w/ you soon about a Taipei Chapter.

Hi, @nickweinberg. Yes, I had a wonderful experience over the Maker Faire Bay Area and enjoyed over LittleBits’ booth. Landed to Taipei around midnight at 5/21 and still have jet lag now.

I had a discussion with Fablab Dynamic, my partner on Taipei Chapter, over the weekend. They are busy in preparing Maker Faire Taipei 2015, which will be held at 5/30 ~ 31. I would like to suggest to have Skype, with you at

Taipei 05/27 22:00
New York 05/27 10:00

Is this is appropriate for you? If there is any better way, please don’t hesitate to advise


Hi @nickweinberg, sorry! Forgot to tell you my Skype id is : holihola99

@ProArtisan Wednesday won’t work for me unfortunately. How about Thursday 5/28, same time?

@nickweinberg, Thursday (5/28) same time is ok for me. I will be at Thailand at that time and will use network service of hotel.

@nickweinberg, would like to confirm the Skype meeting at 5/28. Is the schedule ok for you?

Yup. We’ll talk then!

Hi, @nickweinberg. I am online by Skype now.

Hi, @nickweinberg, my Skype name is “holihola99”