Using wireless transmitter and receiver bits with synth kit

Hi, I love littleBits and enjoy time messing around with my littleBits synth. Recently I decided to make some cosmetic changes to the set up I have. After I was finished I had a set of 2 speaker bits on both left and right sides of my synth project arrangement. All 4 speaker bits are essentially in series and are just separated (spacially) in the middle by a couple of wire bits. So no stereo sound but still balanced and also full. Anyway, I decided to work with the old version of the wireless transmitter and receiver bits that I have, but never really messed with because of the limitations the bits have communicating audio. They don’t work with the mp3 bit to wirelessly play music through the speaker bit. They don’t send signals from other bits such as the NASA littleBits speaker bit to other speaker bits. So away the wireless pair went until just yesterday when decided to give 'em another shot. Nope. Another fail. So I’m curious, do the new version of the wireless bit pair actually transmit and receive any signal that can be listened to through either one of the two speaker bits?
Additionally, if there’s any suggestions for other ideas on how to use two or three wireless bits with the synth kit I’m interested. I have one transmitter and two receivers. So far every effort I have made to use them with my synth kit has been a disappointment. If someone knows about the new version please fill me in. I’m still down with some wireless littleBits speakers.