Using threshold bit as a gate?

I’m totally new to littleBits. I just got my first synth kit a few days ago and I’ve been coming up with hair-brained schemes to manipulate audio ever since. Has anyone tried using the i23 Threshold bit as a gate? Is there a way to use that with the i33 Envelope bit in the way that a traditional gate will have an attack and release? I suppose in a way the Envelope bit could be thought of as a gate in and of itself. Now I’m just musing to myself lol The possibilities just make my head spin.

Anybody else have hair-brained audio schemes you want to try out? Should I just buy more bits and see what happens?

Hey @Schwa_Iska!, welcome to the littleBits forum!

I have a synth kit and a bunch of other bits too. Knowing nothing of music, theory, or much else encourages me to just riff with the bits much as real musicians do with notes. Your idea sounds fun - all I can say is try it out. Thats the beauty of a snap together synth, it’s completely reversible, and for sure it’ll do something!

I appreciate the reply! I love the creative possibilities. Those ‘real musicians’ need off the wall compositional ideas too. There’s nothing more fun for me than those happy little accidents.


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I got the i23 threshold bit and it definitely can work as a gate! I’ve experimented with using it with the i33 envelope bit and haven’t figured out a way to use it as an attack and release in the traditional way a gate works, but I’ve found other fun things about it. For one thing when you’ve got something just loud enough to be hovering a little bit above or below the threshold it makes a nice zippery fuzz sound! Definitely worth it.