Using multiple wireless units

Is it possible to use multiple wireless units together? Say for example you wanted to build two remote controlled model blimps each using all three channels of the wireless unit. Is there a way to prevent them from interfering with each other?



Hey @joey!

In terms of multiple wireless units, are you referring to using only one pair of a wireless transmitter and wireless receiver to control two blimps? In case you are asking if two pairs of wireless kits interfere with each other, no. They’re both on their own separate channel of bluetooth communication. Are you planning to use two wireless kits for a project? Sounds awesome!

I was referring to two pairs of wireless kits. Sort of a battle blimp scenario :smile:
Glad to know that won’t be a problem.



Wow!! This totally sounds awesome! Can’t wait to view it! Let us know if you need any assistance with the project! We’ll definitely help you out! :smile: Good Luck!

Hey @joey @MR_STEAM

I just wanted to jump in here really quick. You actually can use one wireless transmitter to control multiple receivers.

With that in mind every set of transmitter/receivers use the same three channels. In order to use more than one set in the same vicinity would be to use totally disparate channels on each set. So the maximum number of sets that can be used in the same proximity would be three (one using only channel 1, another only using channel 2 and the third using only channel 3).

Sorry for any confusion, I hope this helps to clear things up.

BTW. this projects sounds extremely cool!

Thanks for verifying @Allison_littleBits! Sorry for the confusion @joey!

Thanks Allison,

Limitations being what they are, I think I just figured out a way to do it using less channels. I’ll start playing around and see what I discover.

Thanks again,


Sorry for bumping this old thread, but it was the only one that came up for wireless. Hopefully this mod isn’t already posted somewhere else.

The new W21 / W22 wireless bits seem to have a Channel Select function, which I guess is to allow multiple transmitters to work in proximity and be linked to specific groups of receivers.

The RFD21733 radio module used on the W11 / W12 bits has several modes. It can be used to send digital controls (like for garage door control) or serial data (at about 9600 bps I think). The data is bi-directional which is cool, because with a little modification, the W11 / W12 combination could be used to send controls and data in both directions.

As used in standard LittleBits modules, all transmitters look the same, and all receivers look the same. That means that one transmitter can control multiple receivers, but you can’t reliably use two transmitters close together because the receivers can’t tell them apart.

This youtube link shows my mod:

The standard mode used by W11 & W12 is mode 2. Mode 3 is identical, except that it requires a receiver to ‘learn’ about each transmitter before they communicate. This makes a very easy to use and flexible wireless solution.

Modifications can destroy your littlebits modules. Don’t even think about it unless you are confident working on this kind of circuit board.