Using a PC (Linux) to control LittleBits bits


I’m Yuval from Israel. I’m a cyber security solutions architect, a software developer (python, .Net, SQL, JavaScript and some others).

I used the cloudbit and the servo motor to control my water heater at our apartment and wrote some python code that allowed me to control it remotely via Telegram messages and to set a schedule that turned on or off the boiler.

Due to the fact that our Internet connection is sometimes unstable and unreliable, I started thinking of improving this solution by replacing the cloudbit with the wireless receiver bit and create another circuit with the wireless transmitter and arduino bit so that I would be able to control that servo motor from the PC even without Internet connection. I have seen many examples of using the arduino module to control the computer’s mouse or keyboard but so far no examples for controlling the bits from the computer. If you have any ideas or if what I just wrote is un-doable - please let me know…


Hi Yuval @iyuvalk, how are you? :smile:

Interesting project! In my opinion, it’s totally possible to do what you want.

You should use the piece of software that you like, to send serial data to the port where the Arduino is connected. Then, make the Arduino code to wait to that serial data, and turn it into voltage using digitalWrite() or analogWrite() functions.

Check this out

I hope it helps!

Hi Yuval.

Below are a couple littleBits projects that might help. Please keep us updated on your progress here and post your project at so others can learn from you. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

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by Jeremy Blum