Use the cloudBit to connect to Minecraft!

Calling all IoT bitsters!

Haven’t you always wanted to connect littleBits to Minecraft? Us too. That’s why we made bitCraft, our in-house mod that lets you control Minecraft using bits and vice versa. This means you can press a button in the real world with littleBits and have it activate a redstone lamp in Minecraft. Or have a Minecraft pressure plate active a littleBits buzzer.

Right now, you can only connect bits to the mod using the cloudBit and a few other bits. This means you can go download the mod and start playing NOW.

You can download the mod here and find all the information you need to get started here.

So what are you waiting for? No, seriously - go get crafting, bitsters :wink:


This looks SUPER COOL!!! My Geeky senses are tingling! :smiley:

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My son set up bitCraft in less than 10 minutes. He did not have the patience to watch me struggle to learn w-a-s-d (locomotion keys). He’s the player and I’m the parent at The East Bay Minecraft Players and Parents Meetup. We’re having a special double-meetup 1/16/16 with the Thingfully Club (Oakland littleBits Chapter) exploring the bitCraft mod.

:sunny: :bitstar:

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