Unhappy: Invoices after a purchase

Dear all,

I am very unhappy with Littlebits. I bought a littlebit kit about 2 weeks ago and I received properly. But my unhappyness is not regarding the product, which at the moment is totally great, but the invoicing service.
I had to create a business account in Paypal as this was the only way to pay. Fair enough. I did under the company name i am working for, and obviously as well as the company name my name was in the paypal account too.
After receiving the kit, the same day, i asked for the invoice. The answer one day later, which is ok, sending me the invoice, but it was wrong as they did under my name instead of under the company. So as soon as they send me the invoice i go back to them saying please change the details, and i gave them the appropiate details. They answered one day later saying IT WAS TOO LATE!!

I sent them a couple of emails asking for the appropiate invoice, it was only 2 days after receiving the kit!!! how is too late!! but they replied to me again “sorry the invoice is already processed”
I have a problem now in Spain with the tax return and VAT of the company, as I cant justify that charge in my bank statement because the invoice is under my name!!!

We are a company very linked to new technologies, robotics, STEAM… but i wont buy through you again sorry.

Hi Marin,

I’m terribly sorry to hear about this! Deepest apologies for the difficulty.

I’d love to help rectify this, so I am personally going to reach out to you via your email to help get things turned around as soon as possible.

Please keep a lookout for an email from support@littleBits.cc that should arrive shortly.

Thank you,


Dear Theodore,

it has been a pleasure finally to find people in Littlebits who really want to help and really find solutions

Thanks for your quick reaction, for being nice and give me the solution I needed.


Hi @Marin

Thank you so much for your warm words! If you ever have any questions or concerns, I’m here to help. We hope that you enjoy your new littleBits! :blush:

Take care and have a great weekend!