UK Power adapter for synth kit

Hi All,

I’m tired of buying batteries and would like to use a power adapter instead. I live in the UK so there isn’t an official Littlebits power adapter available. I have a moog 12v power adapter so as the Littlebits P1 bit states it is 9v-12v I thought I would give it a try. I tried it for a few minutes and it works but the power bit did feel hot.

Am I going to cause any damage to my Littlebits by using a 12v power supply? Can anyone suggest an alternative. I have tried a 9v Stagg power adapter but it doesn’t work.

Any advise would be much appreciated.


My p1 power bit gets hot too, especially when I pump 12 volts and a couple hundred milliamps through it! You might want to try the P3 usb power bit. It can handle up to 2 amps, and can be powered by a USB wall wart.

Hi Chris

Thanks for the suggestion. I did consider the USB bit but individual bits are so difficult to find over here in the UK. I have placed a couple of large orders with resellers in the past and ordered directly with Littlebits. The USB bit isn’t available anywhere here. The only way is to order through Littlebits and the $9.95 bit would cost $45 inc international shipping and import duty. Therefore I was hoping for a cheaper 3rd party solution.


Hi @Mark_III,
Maybe give it a try ordering in the Netherlands at

They sell nearly all the bits separately…
When you buy the USB power bit you can use any type of wall outlet USB charger…
(Also the powerbanks that are sold as backup power batteries for smartphones) :smile:

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Hi Alex,

Thanks so much for the advice and the link. They only charge €4 to ship to the UK so I’ll be ordering a USB bit today.

It will be useful to use a USB power-pack when needed too. I just need Littlebits to release a Littlebits branded USB power pack (like their 9v battery) to finish off my littlebits collection. ARE YOU LISTENING LITTLEBITS? :slight_smile:

I’m sure people would buy them!

Thanks again

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Sorry @Mark_III,
Maybe I answered too quick…
I forgot that there are also a few retailers in the UK, see:

I’d already checked the UK suppliers and none of them stock the USB bit so I’ll be going with your original suggestion.

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Depending on your skills, you can buy a cheap USB charging cable, cut off the micro usb connector. Next take a LittleBits “Wire” and split the 3 wires out and solder the gnd and +5 from the USB cable to the gnd and +5 of the “wire”. Then just plug into any normal USB charger.