Two Sequencers running at the same time

I am working on a project that requires a set of LEDs to turn on sequentially in two different directions. I connected the long LEDs to two different sequencers using xOR bits for each LED. When I send power to one sequencer (through the button bit) the sequencer starts the sequence of lights but the other one (which is supposed to run in the opposite direction) stops but eaves one of the lights on (depending on where it stopped the last time it was run). How can I make it so that he sequencer is completely off until the button is pressed for the sequencer.

Hi @mordechais,
Can you draw a diagram or attach a picture of your design?
Answering wil be easier then…

Here are pictures of the circuits.

Each LED is connected (by wires) to an XOR bit which receives signals from both the forward and backwards sequencers. The problem is that I cannot get one sequencer to turn off while the other is running without completely disconnecting the power from one of them. There are two buttons in the front (see picture 1 above) each connected to different sequencers which I assumed would prevent power from getting to the sequencer when it is not pressed.

Hi @mordechais
Is this correct ?
The button left is for making the LEDs run from left to right ?
The button tight for the opposite direction ?
And when one sequence runs, the output of the other one is supposed to be invisible ?

I get the feeling that the XORgates are not right for this job,
I’m afraid that is too difficult to realise with separate bits.

Do you have the LittleBits arduino W6 and 5 protobits W9 ?
If so, that’s all you need (with 8 long led bits) to make your circuit work.
I can always write your arduino sketch if you’d like.

Hi @mordechais and @Frankje,

The sequencer has no reset. When the power is connected it runs depending on the settings on an internal clock or triggered by making the input HIGH or LOW.
No trigger at all: the sequencer stops wherever it landed in its sequence.
So your idea with two buttons switching each sequencer ON/OFF will sadly not work… :joy:
.As @Frankje said, an Arduino could make this project work.

Thank you both. I will look into the Arduino kit ASAP.

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