Truth Table (interactive art)

For a software event, I got the idea of making an interactive poster about Digital Logic.

Tabla de verdad
Interferencia destructiva

Logic demonstration of destructive interference. When two things don’t work at the same time.


Table of Truth

logical circuit of destructive interference
when two things can’t be at the same time

Hi @leo !
Seems a good idea !
Are you going to make several boards to display OR, NOT, XOR, … functions ?
Wouldn’t it be great to use a littlebits arduino for that ?
You could use a dimmer to select and a servo to display which function you are curremtly using.
Then you could add led bits to display the H or L outputs. Maybe put these leds behind a cardboard box with cut out H and L letters.
Just some thought running through my mind …

Hi @frankje :slight_smile: I really appreciate your thoughts!
I’m not going to make more boards, since this is The Table of Truth.
It’s a statement that claims that all the truth of the Universe is there, in that board, in that circuit.
Two options, and it’s one or another. Both can’t survive together. It’s the radicalization of polarization. Choose black or white…

But maybe in this ridiculous declaration, the statement may become a question: When 2 things can’t work at the same time? It’s life always a decision between 2 options.

Sometimes I think that when we see everything polarized, it’s because we aren’t creative enough to find a way in which both things can work at the same time :slight_smile:

Wow, never thought of that !
It’s also a mirror of the social life we’re facing today. Its like we’re acting as individuals and not as a group.
In this way, the xor table says it all …

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