Troubleshooting the cloudBit

#Are you in trouble?

###Having trouble with your cloudBit? Have no fear Kayne West is here.

####If you and wifi are having issues

Deep breaths.

Let’s start with what is and what is not supported. We have a list of types of networks but before we jump into that let’s go through the process of getting your cloudBit onto the internet. Then we’ll look at some really clear cases where the cloudBit will not be able to connect and what alternatives you could use.

  • Status lights

If your cloudBit is stuck at a yellow light and you can’t progress to the next step in Cloud Control then my suggestion would be to make sure you’ve tried pressing the status button down and waited until the cloudBit goes from blinking blue to solid blue before you connect to it. Like so:


Then you would look for the cloudBit’s network and proceed to the next steps in Cloud Control!

And in case you’re wonder what the status lights mean, we created a chart for reference!

  • changing wifi networks

Changing wifi networks is pretty straightforward, you’ll be led through all the steps when you go into settings tab and hit the change wifi button.

  • diagnostic mode

Right below the the change wifi button you have the diagnostic mode. It’ll run a series of tests to find what the problem is.

  • Hotel/3rd Party wifi

The cloudBit does not currently support wifi where you need to login into a 3rd party service. In this case a wireless hotspot, or an open network would work best.

Pro Tip: All your traffic can be monitored on 3rd party wifi networks.

  • Noise

In environments where there are a lot wifi access points, wireless routers, microwaves, and cordless phones the cloudBit can have some trouble connecting to the internet. The solution here would be to change the channel on your router or access point and or move the cloudBit around.

  • Distance

Another complication can arise if your cloudBit is too far away from your access point. Moving either the wireless router / access point or the cloudBit will help!

  • Firewalls

If there are issues after you’ve connected to Internet then issue might be with your network settings or the network you’re getting wifi from. This is usually the case at public schools or enterprise networks. A firewall might be blocking internet traffic from and to your cloudBit even if it’s connected properly.

  • types of wireless networks

If all else fails you’ll need to investigate what kind of wireless you’re on. Here is a list of supported networks:

  • additional support

If you need some more help you or are looking to contact customer support please take a look our support post here!

###what not to do

removing parts

The cloudBit does not have any user serviceable parts and you should not remove the MicroSD card the WIFI Radio, or touch the CPU (as it may get hot!).

powering cloudBit from your computer
(or trying to communicate over USB)

Your cloudBit cannot be powered by the USB port on your cloudBit. It needs the USB Power adapter that came with your kit.

You can’t communicate with your cloudBit via USB, only when it’s in the blue status mode.

###lending your cloudBit to someone

In the case of a workshop where many cloudBits are changing hands you’ll have to make sure either the cloudBits your using are tied to one account (usually the facilitator of the workshop) or if you’ve gotten a cloudBit you need to ask the owner of the cloudBit to delete it from their account.

There is the less likely case of lending your cloudBit to a friend, if you’re going to do so make sure you delete it first.

You’ll need to navigate to the bottom of the settings tab in Cloud Control to delete your cloudbit.

###additonal support

Feel free to visit our support section if you need additional help!

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