Trouble getting cloudbits to trigger IFTTT applets

Could we get a confirmation from another user? I’m getting errors when trying to connect to the service.

Hi friends of the CloudBit.

Alas, I could not even connect a brand new CloudBit to the service. Perhaps my AT&T fiber optic router prevented the connection? Maybe an old tried and true CloudBit will connect?

Will update this thread if I am able to connect an olde byt.


Hi there! We’d love to help you troubleshoot. Please reach out to and we’ll help you out.

I had no problem communicating with an already connected cloudbit, but I cannot use the IFTTT service. Hoping for some confirmation from others until I dig deeper.

My cloudbit itself is working OK. Activating a LED bit via the purple button on the site and moving the gauge with an input button.

BUT the IFTTT service does NOT work at all.

They cannot check their own applets.I tried a few but NO luck. :rage:
I also tried another (non google) email address and I tried a dropbox connection. ( activate the output when a photo is uploaded). No luck there also…

Update on IFTTT services with Littlebits:

When activating my cloudbit with the IFTTT service “receive an email when cloudbit is activated” now works with my local dutch email account. NOT at all with gmail, which is understandable because they have blocked communication with gmail for many reasons…

Through my local account it sends me an email within a few seconds.
The triggering of the cloudbit output when sending a mail to worked only once.
Now it does not activate my output anymore.
I also had a trigger to activate my output when a new photo was copied into my dropbox, it also worked only once. But that one is a silly service, stating it works within one hour…
It seems (I hope) they are working on repairing their Littlebits services at IFTTT… :joy:
I will check within a few weeks again.

I tried the same with my other dutch email but i had no response. I did not receive an email.

Maybe it helps if you delete the applet, log out and in again and set up a new applet with your dutch email.

I can’t find the applet IFTTT service “receive an email when cloudbit is activated” ??

It is not a standard applet, you can make it yourself by filling in a new applet using if this than do that…
I used “if “cloudbit name” turned on then send me an email at …@…”

Oké, in that case it didn’t work. As a matter of fact I removed everything including the ifttt littlebits service and installed my cloudbit under a new name. But now I can’t get a new ifftt litllebits service working. I got an error message ‘Could not connect to service’
A pitty, last year everything worked flawless
I closed all browser tried it again, now it opens I give email and password but now it don’t show a sign in button :rage:
So in another browsertab I signed in (I got a sign in button, yeah). Tried again to connect the littlebits service in ifttt but again I got an error message ‘Could not connect to service’. So here it ends for now here is the latest message from littlebits itself 23 april

send them a message as they asked for…
maybe it will speed up repair.
I could not find any way to contact ifttt.
maybe using another browser might help. I use Chrome.

I checked my cloudbit today as discussed and it is working with IFTTT finally.
I have two applets, one sends me a (local dutch account) email when I press the input button on my cloudbit and the other applet activates the bargraph led on the output of my cloudbit when I send IFTTT an email to with the same account. Gmail is not working.

Still no success, the ifttt cloudbit service can not connect

Hi everyone! Thank you all for your patience.

The latest update I have is that changes were made to the IFTTT platform which we cannot fix for on our side. Coordination with them has been slow going, but we’re doing our best to make the integration work for everyone.

I have the SAME CloudBit IFTTT problems.
Has ANYONE had any success or made ANY progress?


No. Can’t get IFTTT to connect at all. Is this likely to be fixed in the future?

Is it time to GIVE UP hope for any littleBits SOLUTION from their CUSTOMER SUPPORT ?


We completely understand your disappointment and we apologize for the long downtime of our IFTTT integration.

We would love it if you could email us at

I’m here. How can I be of assistance to littleBits in solving this problem?