Trouble getting cloudbits to trigger IFTTT applets

Is anyone currently able to get their cloudbits to send triggers to IFTTT applets? i can trigger my cloudbits with IFTTT applets but not the other way around.

Just to explain what I’ve tried: I start by connecting my cloudbit and checking it on the cloud control on the littlebits website—and it successfully sends and receives signal as per the diagnostics provided (button, gauge, 00 to 99 meter, etc). When I switch over to ifttt, I can successfully trigger the cloudbit with an applet (e.g. send an sms to then trigger the cloudbit to turn on an LED), but I can’t trigger an applet from my cloudbits (I’ve tested all 4 of my cloudbits and also worked with one of littlebits tech support guys who couldn’t trigger his either). I wrote an applet that is supposed receive the cloudbit trigger and then send an SMS. The applet doesn’t even register that a trigger was even sent from the cloudbit—it says it has never been run. I’ve run the check on the applet, and the runs successfully. I’ve re-confirmed that the cloudbit is connected (both thru the cloudbit control console and also via and applet that triggers the cloudbit), but I can’t get the cloudbit to trigger any ifttt applet.

Anyone able to do this? If so is there any trick to it? It seems that IFTTT isn’t even seeing my cloudbit on the receiving end.

Hi @doy2001. I have used input as a trigger many times, but haven’t used it in more than a year. I will fire one up not and see what’s what! Maybe there’s a new glitch in IFTTT?

I’ve always received help from @JackANDJude.

Let’s see what’s up with IFTTT & littleBits as a couple. That’s the hard part about IoT—which side of the couple is creating the havoc. This morning I was working on getting WordPress and Ziggeo to play nicely together.

I’ll let you know what I find!
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I could not receive an SMS from a working cloudBit. Hmmm. Sounds like an IFTTT situation. I’ll tweet to them.

Hi @Thingfully—thanks for looking into this. I too emailed IFTTT support as well but only got generic delayed answers referring me to their user-powered Help forums. Let me know what you find out, and I’ll do the same. Thx!

I haven’t been able to communicate with my cloudbit for more than a month. I was informed today that they detected the issue with the ifttt software but won’t be able to get to fix it until next year.

Who’s “they” @rsadkowski? I am just starting a middle school afterschool program next Tuesday and the cloudBit is the featured bit in the Thingfully Inventor’s Club (aka Oakland Chapter of the littleBits clubs). It is an IoT-themed club.

Hey @sean_littleBits, is there any bandwidth in the Engineering department to follow up with IFTTT?

Hey @chloeatplay, do you know who can nudge IFTTT into helping the educators and inventors that :purple_heart: cloudBits?

Yours in creativity,


Katie Saddlemire from customer service. She’s very nice and follows up, but that is what their superiors decreed. Better focus on new revenue than supporting current customers. Good luck to you.

Consider using if you have another computer on the same network as the cloudbit. Basically it lets you implement your own IFTTT server locally.

Thanks @Hixie. I am hoping to get IFTTT (the #DuctTapeForIoT) working because I have other products I want my students to connect with such as MESH, WeMo, the International Space Station, and the weather.

Still no fix. Dead in the water

I received a nice email thanking me for my patience. Let’s give 'em a month and see what happens.

Just received an email saying they are working on it. Follow up by the weekend.

Same problem here. Just got Cloudbit for my son based on promise that it works well with IFTTT but wasted a whole day thinking it was our fault. So just to confirm, IFTTT said they are looking into problem this week?

Still no news on this topic.??

Respons of customer care:
Hello Edwin,
I understand how you feel, and I sincerely apologize for the wait. Our development team is aware of the issue and is working on assessing the resources needed to mend the issue.
We will follow up once we hear back!

@ejbiegel and @rsadkowski

Any updates on this ? I’m new to Littlebits and since 2 weeks I’m trying to have my Cloudbit to trigger recipes in IFTTT with no success. I don’t know if the problem comes from IFTTT not registering the Cloudbit trigger when it comes or if the Cloudbit itself doesn’t send the right signal.

In any case , when I go in the Littlebits app on my iPhone, the CloudBit is online and I can receive and send data through the app. I’m just not able to connect it to IFTTT.

Best !


Last time I heard they’ll address it next year.
I’m contemplating selling my kit, but then who’s going to buy it? Paperweight.

Any updates on this issue yet?

@sean_littleBits @chloeatplay
Are you still cooperating with IFTTT? Or maybe you are closing this service ? It will really make the cloudbit completely useless.
Or are you coming up with another service in the new setup of Littlebits?
Please can you explain and make a solution, many members are waiting a very long time now…
My cloudbit is sending and receiving with no problem. But at IFTTT everything is dead.

i don’t suppose asking again will help bump this. so disappointing

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