Triggering sequencer via cv bit isn't working right

So… what I’m trying to do is drive the micro sequencer with an external clock (ehx clockworks pedal) via cv bit before it. It’s visually driving it but the sound of the osc is just a very short percussive sound, not the full cycle of the waveform. what gives? thanks!!

hey @luigi,

Do you think you would be able to upload a video showing your circuit and the behavior you are experiencing? That would be very helpful to getting to the core of figuring everything out!

Thanks a ton for getting back. I’m building this wicked littlebit setup to accompany my DIY 100% copper modular synth that I’ve been working on. Littlebits blow my socks off… in the modular world they still kind of think the format is toyish… my friends and I are trying to convince them as a small Niche group to try it and get experimental. I’ll win them
over :wink: It’s really gnarly once you start running filters in serial… 3 oscs with an xor… vco>delay>vco… I’m actually playing my first ever gig Monday and I’m bringing the littlebits.

Getting back to topic… so the ehx clockworks spits out 10v /gate/trig? one of them… assuming trig, and I know
the bits work off of 5v… so what I did is clock my modular, then take a gate out of the sequential switch, sent THAT signal to cv > micro sequencer and boom… absolutely perfect. wondering if the cv bit requires gate or trig to
be stepped correctly? thanks!!!

hi @luigi,

I’m having a similar problem. I’m trying to send clock from teenage engineering’s po-12 > littlebits cv in >littlebits micro sequencer >littlebits oscillator. I get the same short sounds you described. It seems the micro sequencer cannot send pitches to the osc.

I noticed this problem when I experimented with a ‘master-clock’ idea.
Using the CV bit, I tried both the PO-12 and my ancient SoundMaster SR-88 to supply the clock.
Both ran the microsequencer fine, but very short gate.
Yesterday, with my new inverter & latch, I had a go at building the 8-step Sequencer layout and noticed if one removes the trigger connection to the envelope the same short gate suddenly appears.

Today, at some point, I’m going to try taking a clock from the PO-12 into CV bit to tigger the sequencer then take a trigger from he sequencer to the envelope and see what happens…