Threshold handle improvements?

I use a threshold bit in my invention to control the sensitivity of a light sensor. But sometimes my hands are a bit wet and it’s hard to turn the threshold. Anyone get a wing nut on there or something else to make it easier to turn?
Joseph Elwell.

hi Joseph @jelwell ,
To improve the grip on your threshold you could add a small knob. I use a knob as shown on the picture, you could buy this knob at an electronics shop.

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With a set screw! That is perfect. Thank you.
Joseph Elwell.

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Hi Joseph @jelwell,

One remark: the knobs I use can only be used on bits with a single shaft. For example the micro sequencer and the envelope and the filter bits have more shafts on one bit and need smaller knobs…

Cool! @jelwell, would you like to share more about your invention? :camera_flash:

This is an upgrade for an old invention. When my fingers get wet it’s hard to rotate the threshold to compensate for the amount of ambient light coming from the sun.

Joseph Elwell.