These arduino projects are pretty cool. What do you guys think? If these are not interesting, what projects do you like?

  1. Gaming controller
    I always wanted to make a gaming controller

  2. Pet feeder
    Sometimes I get annoyed of feeding my fishes all the time!

  3. RC car
    As a kid I always wanted to make an RC car that could do awesome tricks.

  4. Mood Light
    The light in my room is always bright white so with a mood lamp I could change it to any color I want.

  5. Quiz Game Buttons
    My family likes playing quiz games on holidays and we usually start yelling who goes first to answer the question.

  6. Arduino Segway
    Sometimes I see segways in malls. I always wondered how they work.

  7. Overwatch Lucio Blaster
    Who doesn’t like blasters?