The newest Bitster!

I should change my name to Grandpa101!

Royce is the newest Maker in the world. The big person is my daughter, Olivia - the Maker’s maker. Olivia’s interest in the Synth Kit is what got me involved with littleBits to begin with. How young is the youngest bitster? Royce is almost one in this picture … hour.

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Hi Grandpa101 @chris101,
Congratulations ! ! :older_man:
Welcome to the world of grandpa’s !
Enjoy, they grow up with the speed of light !

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Wonderful news, @chris101! Give our best to Olivia. :blush:

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Thank you @alexpikkert and @JackANDJude!!! I am so proud of Olivia - she’s doing so well. She will be glad to know that she’s a star here on for sure! One thing she’s discovering though: two straight hours of sleep never felt so good! :grin:

She’s still at the ‘birthing center’ (it’s a hospital with no sick people, only babies and mamas) while Royce gets some photo therapy. I’m thinking there is a project using RGB LEDs and UV LEDs and dimmers in there.

I will keep y’all posted, as time permits.