The Moment of empowerment, inspiration, contagion

This topic is dedicated to collecting inspiring images, tweets, links or stories of people experiencing “the moment”. The moment of empowerment, inspiration, contagion. This could be stories, reflections, photos or projects!

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@Sparklelab and co. getting ready for their #BitWars event.

Get ready to have your mind-blown by @rlyle78’s littleBits + Leap Motion light saber:

The happiest kids from the Antofagasta, Chile Chapter!

Hey ya’ll-- check out Parker Maimbourg’s legit lightsaber! #BitWars

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Fun night at the GFMakerS Club with littleBits, Star Wars, Legos, and lots of imagination!


The moment a Bit Wars battle takes place in a museum.

The moment your piano triggers the Millenium falcon to attack the Death Star :link: , #BitWars style by the three J’s and S

#the-moment your #BitWars dreams come true! Check out Episode 0 featuring R2D2 #BitWars by @thisismitch : :stars:

Look.At.These.Jedis! — from South San Jose Chapter - @nickweinberg


Hey, everyone! Our school just created a short video showing some of the stuff we are doing in our Labrary. It’s so amazing to see students light up with ideas and excitement when given the opportunity to explore! See if you can spot the Bits! :slight_smile:


The moment when students wanted to build their own BB8 Robot and used an old globe and the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit. (Shared by Christine)

@mrterborg @littleBits #innovation Its ALIVE!! #redesignprojects @lieberrian

— Barbara Johnson (@technojohnson) January 28, 2016
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First Snap (Click this tweet for a video of kids making their first snaps.)

AND First Snap, Librarian Style:

Today, Philly Inventors gained some new fans. We organized a workshop where students discovered littleBits and created a flashlight. Parents signed up and are ready to attend another… AND BRING THEIR FRIENDS!!! Summer Camp for a week is in the works!!! Photos Coming Soon… :bitstar:

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Thanks for sharing @CoolSciTeach! Keep those pictures coming! :slight_smile:

The moment dogs first experience littleBits:

Teachers experiment with science too! With their dogs! @edgar_murray #stcr13 #littlebits

— Jessica Hilton (@JessicaJhilton) February 29, 2016

The moment toddbotdotcom records a #dailybleeps soundtrack with #littlebits Synth Kit.

Chasing birds :bird: :runner:

Soundtrack for orange juice and a shopper