The Meow Wolf Experience in Santa Fe NM

Hi LittleBits makers,

I just wanted to share a super cool thing from my hometown in Santa Fe NM.

Imagine if you had a couple of million dollars (2.7 to be exact), a team of technically fluent artists, designers and makers whose goal was to create an unforgettable experience. What might you create?

In our case, the result is “The House of Eternal Return”, a technological art exhibit the likes of which you have never seen.

The scale of this thing is hard to fathom but here are a few facts to ponder:

  • 20,000 sq. ft.
  • 135 Artists involved in its construction
  • 100 hours of experience within the exhibition
  • No guides, maps, or pathways
  • 70 different individual immersive spaces
  • 300 person music venue
  • Arcade with 14 games
  • 4 tree houses
  • Interactive Cave System

just for starters…

It all comes from a generous donation from Santa Fe’s own George R.R. Martin, the author of “The Game of Thrones”.

Here is a little snippet from NPR on the installation

plus a little video preview to give you a greater sense of it.

If that was not enough, the building that houses all of this is also the home of the recently opened Santa Fe maker space where I will be teaching a workshop on LittleBits for artists & designers.

So LittleBits community, why not consider a visit to Santa Fe?

Pridefully yours,

-joey wilson
Santa Fe resident and LittleBits fan :slight_smile:


That looks amazing, @joey! Can you tell us more about your workshop? We can add it to the calendar. :smile:

Wow! If I could come and see this, I definitely would. I love interactive art.

Too cool @joey !

Santa Fe is only 12 hours by car away, and a beautiful drive at that. Next time I pass through, I’ll plan on spending a day there!