The Leonardo board does not show up in the IDE!

Does any one have any Arduino projects that they could share w/ code?

littlebits has sample sketches

arduino has lots of tutorials

From the arduino IDE you can select File>Examples>…

and there are lots of books on Arduino projects with breadboards

the LB arduino is equivalent to Arduino Leonardo which has slightly different pin configuration than the commonly used Arudino UNO.

Okay, thanks I actually just found all of those haha also, I have a problem with my Arduino IDE. The Leonardo does not come up in my “boards” list I’m using a Linux operating system if that means anything. Thanks.

make sure you have done all the steps in
Getting Started with Arduino

Yeah, I did but, thanks for the help! I need one hundred and forty characters to post this so… disregard this entirely! jfjfndldnuhfgjiofgdwhfgjhlghjjhgnkghknfgknfbknfbnkfbknfbknbfknfbknfbknfbkjfbkjgfkjgfjkgfjkgfkj

I figured it out, my IDE version was set to 1.0, and I had to set it to 1.0.1! I am using the Linux Software Center and the Arduino installer had an option to set it 1.0, or 1.0.1

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